Nine Tactics to Fit In Fitness

Nine Tactics To Fit In Fitness As you read this blog post, I'm about one week past running my fourth half marathon. And yes, in full disclosure, while this week's newsletter is about fitting in fitness, I have toned down my running since my race last Sunday! But I think I deserve some time off.

So this video hits home for me. I'm moving off a period of time when my exercise was super structured. When it's gone really really really well. For the past twelve weeks, I've known exactly when and what I'll be running and when I'll be resting. To have my exercise almost on auto pilot has been quite nice. So what do I do now?

How do I make sure that I keep up this great thing that I've got going on?

Or for those of you who are in a different place, how do you start a great thing? How do you find the time for fitness?

Well I've turned  to what's gone well these past twelve weeks for some answers. And I share them with you in the video below. Don't be detered if you haven't run lately. These tips are totally applicable to someone who is running, wanting to go to the yoga studio or to start attending a Cross-Fit class.

And I've made a PDF download for ya with more tips. So you've got the video for tips...and if that's not enough, there's more ways to fit in fitness.

So click on the photo below (you should see a photo below this.) That will take you to my site with the video on it. So don't delay, click on the photo below and start to find ways to fit in fitness.

[youtube DU44oDEmrVk nolink]


Click HERE ---> To download my nine tactics for fitting in fitness.

How do you fit in fitness? What strategies do you use? I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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