Oops! I just deleted hundreds of emails. Now what?

Yeah. So I just deleted hundreds of emails. Like over 1,200 emails from Danielle LaPorte. For realz. Oh and pages upon pages, (or whatever they are called in Evernote) of blog ideas, marketing inspiration and "things to read/see/do."

It was as if I took my arm and swept it across a dining room table, set elegantly for 10, complete with candles and pushed everything onto the floor.

And ya know what?

It wasn't an oops. It was a hell yeah.

Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.

God, it was liberating pressing the delete key and watching those emails and notes vanish into well, somewhere. But they ain't in my inbox anymore and that's what matters.

When I moved to Boulder, I did a serious purge of clothes, furniture, books and stuff. If it couldn't fit in my Honda Fit, it wasn't coming with me.

I sold clothes, donated books, kept the local Goodwill in business, put stuff on the side of the road and passed along prized possessions to dear friends.

Thought my purge was over. All said and done.

Turns out I was wrong.

I had intangible shit to purge. Now, you can argue that those emails weren't really a bother since I had them all neatly archived in my DLP gmail folder.

The larger question is, what on earth was I planning on doing with over 1,200 emails from DLP? I had saved all of Danielle's truthbombs, all the way back to #12. (Truthbomb #817 came out yesterday.)


Let's be clear. I'm not saying no to Danielle LaPorte. I have no unsubscribed from her newsletter. Nor am I done finding creative inspiration and writing for my blog.

No, this was an exercise in clearing out old stuff to make room for the new.

Carrying all that stuff around, even if doing so just virtually, is exhausting.

This girl ain't got no time, space or energy for the old anymore.

Yes, I'm a bit of a hoarder of personal, sentimental *things*. But I'm also embracing space and the art of releasing.

What about you? What could you release?

With mucho amor, Johanna