Do you pop pills? Learn why I do

VitaminWebinarEvery single morning and every single evening, I take my vitamins. (Are you that good about taking your vitamins?)

And I have been doing this religiously for close to 18 months now.

There are a few things that I've noticed as a result of remembering to taking my vitamins. Some pretty amazing things that have to do with exercising and PMS.

(Anyone out there get PMS or know someone who does?! It's no fun right?)

Perhaps when it comes to vitamins you've wondered:

  • But can't I get everything I need from my food?
  • Don't I pee out all my vitamins anyway?
  • Aren't all vitamins created equal so I'll just buy the cheapest bottle at CVS?
  • Why so many pills?! Isn't one enough?
  • Can't I just get enough to cover the Recommended Daily Allowance?

A-Ha! Fear not - I have the answers to your questions. And I'm also going to share the one supplement I swear by.

Join me this Wednesday night, May 21st @ 8pm EST, I'm hosting a free call about my pill popping habits and you're invited.

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Can't make the call? Register and I'll send you a recording.

Hope to "see" you on Wednesday.