Taking my own advice

Inevitably it's going to happen. I'm going to need to take my own advice. I'm great at dishing it out, but what's it like when the tables are turned? It's been a crazy couple weeks, all for good reasons. I've been hustling up new business (anyone in the market for a health coach?), following up on new leads, building new relationships and exploring new opportunities.

I've been having a blast and opening lots of doors for things that will happen down the road.

It's been absolutely brilliant! It was also a coaching week for me: This week I had the pleasure of connecting with my clients for one of their monthly sessions. I live for coaching weeks and relish being part of people's journey towards greater health and happiness. After a grocery store trip with one of my clients earlier this week, he told me:

"Yesterday gave me much more faith in myself that I can do this. I'm actually excited now to try new things AND I realized how much I already know."

How sweet is that?!

So I'm moving and shaking, but here's what didn't happen. I didn't record my weekly video for this newsletter.

Nope, it didn't happen. Not for lack of ideas. Nor desire to make my video. I was just so busy out living and hustling and having a grand ol' time, that I couldn't fit it in.

Can you imagine the stress I was putting on myself to make the time for the video? HA!

"Oh but I have to do it. They are expecting it." "I said I would do it so..." "Johanna, you can't NOT do your video" are just a few of the lines going around my head.

Go figure I've gotten a number of unsolicited comments about my newsletter in the past couple days (thus adding to my stress!)

"I just wanted you to know how much I love these lil tidbits! THANK YOU!! It’s a great reminder ;)"

" I love love love getting your newsletter each week. The videos are awesome, super handy and insightful"

And then the other day, the stress clouds parted and I realized, "Johanna, it will be okay if you don't make a video this week. You are human, like everyone else. And for good reason, you couldn't pull it off this week. So? You do it next week. No biggie. People aren't going to unsubscribe because after 54 weeks of making videos, you miss one week."

Exhale. A huge sigh of relief. HUGE. It was liberating to step out from that added stress and focus instead of what I have been up to vs beating myself up over an expectation I set by myself, for myself.

You understand, right?

So I've been practicing what I preach and learning to say no. Exercising my muscle to focus on the positive. Stepping out of my comfort zone to be okay with not doing what I said I was going to do. By saying no, I've been more present for other things in my life, doing a better job with them. Heck, I've even taken a moment to breathe. Fancy that.

Try saying no to something that you have already said yes to. Come and tell me all about it below.

Keep smiling,


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