the early bird gets the worm...or the cleanse.

How often this winter did you wake up, look out the window, see the grey skies and think to yourself, "Ugh. I do NOT want to get out of bed." But inevitably you do, because well, you have to. You throw on some warm clothes, trudge downstairs and start your day. And unfortunately for you, those first few moments set your tone for the rest of the day.

Over the course of your day, nothing seems terribly exciting. You're kinda just going through the motions of work and life.  Okay, so you don't eat the same meal everyday, but you aren't syked about mealtime. You have been eating a lot of roasted veggies it seems. And motivating to go to the gym after work is even harder. It's so darn dark out!

You think to yourself,  "I'll go tomorrow. And do an extra workout."

Believe it or not...that winter scene described above was me.  Ugh. I even felt "stuck", "slow" and "heavy" as I wrote about it. Yuck!

I know that I need to

  • change my eating habits
  • reshape my routines
  • boost my outlook and
  • invigorate myself again

Spring IS around the corner and I want to start eating more fruits and vegetables, kickstart my diet and get more pep in my step.

[youtube qPSTEuRT_Pk nolink]

I have been stuck these past few weeks and it's time to un-stick me! Here's just what I need:

  1. New, fun and EASY recipes with good, clean, real food
  2. Eliminating stuff that clogs up and slows down my digestion
  3. Daily ideas on how to change my mindset into a more positive one to embrace the day
  4. Reminders on what's important to me so that I can prioritize my schedule to keep me happy
  5. Remove food that doesn't agree with my body and leaves me feeling bloated and headache-y

Do YOU need these things (and more) as well?

Join me on April 10th for my Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse.  It's a 21 day Cleanse that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It's designed for you to:

  • Put pep back into your step by eating healthy, good, clean foods
  • Shift your eating routine with the introduction of a daily, satiating, fun recipe that easy to prepare
  • Revitalize your spirit with a daily tip to get in touch with what you love to do
  • Clear your mind by eliminating what's sapping your energy
  • Feel lighter on your feet by removing toxic, heavy food

Ready to register?

My body is so ready for this cleanse. I may be a health coach, but I am human too! It's so easy to fall into easy habits that aren't that good or rewarding for ourselves. But it happens. The most important thing you can do is recognize when you are stuck and then take action to get "unstuck."

My Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse is a great first step. My cleanse is:

  • Realistic because I know you haven't put your life on hold for it so it can't be all consuming
  • Accessible because I want this cleanse to be a success for you
  • Fun because why do it otherwise?

Early bird registration ends TOMORROW, April 3rd. The Early Bird price is $147. But only until tomorrow.  After that, the price jumps up to $197. Still a bargain but why not save yourself $50?

As part of the cleanse, you'll receive:

  • 7 tips on how to Eat Well that you can realistically introduce into your life today.
  • 7 tips on how to Be Happy that you won’t be able to stop smiling about.
  • 7 tips to Love Life that will get you bouncing of out bed in the mornings (even if you aren’t a morning person!)
  • 21 clean, healthy, satiating recipes with food you can find at your grocery store
  • unconditional support that will have you taking steps, making change and embracing the possibilities.
  • An audio recording of each call for a total of 3 calls.

I know my body is already looking forward to the Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse!