things to stop doing right now. not yesterday. not tomorrow. today.

Stop dealing with people who suck. People who either suck the life out of you. People who suck up all the oxygen in the room. Or people who just plain suck. If you have got someone like this in your life, you know who they are. Stop worrying about what others think. This is a biggie for me. I don't even realize sometimes how I am not doing something true to my way of doing it because I am worried about what others think. Boo.

“What people say about you is none of your business”

- Sean Stephenson

Stop making excuses. Just stop.

Stop prioritizing everyone else, the car, the dog, your kid's pet rabbit before yourself.

Stop thinking you aren't ready yet. Because you are SOO ready. In fact, you were ready yesterday.

Stop holding grudges.  They suck the life right outta ya.

Stop comparing yourself to others. The only person you can be is yourself. No one else does it quite as well as you do.

Stop waiting for "someday" to arrive. It never does.

Stop making excuses. They are holding you back.

Stop beating up on yourself. You're awesome.