This is my morning routine

What a crazy week it's been. No, make that a crazy few weeks.  Christmas is just about a week around the bend. Yet between Sandy, the   election, then Thanksgiving and December, the end of 2012 is just flying by. Even me, someone who works from home and doesn't have many office or co-worker parties to attend, I'm feeling the increase in hectic-ness. And today's our first proper snow day here in NH adding to the chaos. I imagine you are feeling it too. Christmas movies are here which means I see Will Ferrell wherever I turn. Luckily that's not so bad and it just makes me smile. It does seem as if sugar cookies, insane gift buying, later nights and traumatic news headlines have replaced peace, joy and laughter lately. There might be snow falling outside as I write this, but I also feel as if a blanket of anxiety has settled down on us as well. So many people are telling me that their healthier routines - eating well, meal planning, workouts - have gone out the window during this crazy holiday time. If you ask me, if there is ever a time to keep your routine to maintain sanity and making sure you are taking care of yourself, it's the month of December.

That being said, I know tempting all those holiday cakes and cookies are. Well just recently, I posted an absolutely dee-lish recipe to my blog, Pumpkin Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream Frosting. If you're looking for something delicious and decently healthy (it is the holidays so we're allowed to go a bit hog wild right?) And if you didn't see this article about how I almost killed my brother with a green smoothie, I highly recommend that as well.

Lucky for you (and me!) come January, I'm launching New Year, New You: A Bootcamp to Detox Your Indulgences. So if you do decide to let it all go this holiday season and indulge in every cookie, eggnog drink and late night, merrymarking..know that I'm ready for ya come January. Details are coming soon, but mark your calendar for January 21st which is when the program starts.

In light of all the cookie swap party-ing, secret santa-ing, late night Christmas movie watching and the healthy routines going out the window, this week seems like a good time be reminded, including myself, of the power of a morning routine.

Routine is structure. Routine is comfort. Routine takes away having to think. Routine brings ease. Routine brings peace.

Click below to learn about my morning routine. Even I've lost sight of this lately, so this is a great reminder for me to get back to my simple, healthy habits.

[youtube QOzWYRIrF4A nolink]

Now tell me this, what morning routine do you have? How are you staying sane and grounded during this holiday season?

Keep smiling,



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