What are you doing right now? I'm running 200 miles.

So, whatcha up to this weekend? Catching those last days of sun rays at your lake house? Stopping by the farmer's market, filling your basket with the last bit of summer greens? Brunching with friends after a night of (one) too many drinks? Think of me. Starting  today, Friday morning and going into Saturday afternoon, I'm running  Reach the Beach, 200 miles from Cannon Mountain, NH to Hampton Beach on a relay team. We're 121 toes (the extra toe provides a bit more balance.)

Yes. 200 miles. In about 30+ hours. With 11 other people. We're each running 3 legs of the 36 leg relay.

Middle of the night runs. Running twice in one day, three times in 24 hours. I'll run about 22 miles total. Running along on NH roads at 5am with just the wilderness to keep me company (hopefully no wild animals.)

Yup, I'm doing this by choice. Minimal sleep. Maximum sweatiness factor. Oh and I paid to do this. Not even raising any money for charity. Doing it for the pure.....pleasure of it.

Even crazier than all that running is that as I write this, I can NOT wait to do it.

I've run a bunch of half marathons (okay, six, but who's counting?) and 10ks and 5ks (too many to count.)

But 200 miles? From Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach, NH. This is the ultimate adventure to me.

Training for it, focusing on this goal, organizing all the moving parts (and there are A LOT!) is putting me in a state of bliss. Thursday, I was giddy A L L D A Y L O N G, like a kid in a candy store (a sugar free organic candy store, but you get the drift.)

These are the kind of crazy things I do. I set goals. I figure out how to make them happen. And then I keep on...well, in this case running.

I've made meal plans and snack lists. I've figured out a running plan. I've got logistics coming out of my ears. I've carved out time five days a week for make this running thing happen.

And right now? It's on. White Mountains of NH, can you hear me? We're coming for you (oh and the flatter lands closer to the Seacoast, yeah, we'll be there too.)

The best part? Is that you can be an armchair supporter. I'm planning to post from the road so follow along via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Cheer us on - post comments, text me if you have my cell number. Call me and ask how we're doing. Chances are we'll be up and running!

Follow the hashtag #rtbrelay and join in the fun, without breaking a sweat.

Let's Reach the Beach Together.