What are your energy leaks?

ConversationisEroticNothing is more awesome than a good, stimulating thought. There are lots of things that I find attractive, but good conversation is such a turn on. Some nugget of inspiration, a quote or comment that gets into my brain and rattles around in there - bring it on! Consider how many thoughts I have going on upstairs, it must be a good one for it to be remembered even 10 minutes later!

I love it when I attend conferences, read books, have conversations or connect with people that leave me thinking about something hours, days or even weeks later.

And this is what I have rattling around in my brain right now -

What are my energy leaks? What holes do I need to plug up like a sinking ship?

............ Um, WHAT?!

I can hear your thoughts coming to a screeching halt.

"What on Earth does this have to do with being healthy Johanna?"

Is that what you are wondering right now?

When am I going to launch into something about kale, quinoa or green smoothies right? That's why you signed up for this newsletter right?

Ya know what? It has everything to do with being healthy.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Dealing with your energy leaks goes hand in hand with kale and quinoa and green smoothies. No, not just because it's all under the umbrella of health, be it physical vs mental. But because how you live affects how you eat and how you eat affects how you live.

Think about it. When do you make good, healthy food for yourself that you feel good about eating? And I mean make a meal that you actually sit down for vs feeding over the sink with iPhone in hand?

When you make the time for it.

When you make the time for it.

After you've made the time to hit the grocery store, either for a weekly trip or just for a few items - that's when you eat well.

MondayatFBAnd I don't know about you, but I sure as hell am not eating well when I'm Facebooking, Tweeting, writing a newsletter and bouncing back and forth between my email inboxes (yes, I have two.)

Breakfast I can generally pull off in decent fashion. Smoothies, breakfast salad or the breakfast of champions. Yup, I can do breakfast - either because I'm starving, just worked out or because it's been hours since I last ate.

And lunch happens.....but definitely later than it should be at times. I even have a reminder in my calendar to stop for lunch. For real.

Then dinner. Woah. Dinner. It's the end of the day. Day's gotten away from me and now I'm starving. I would even venture to say "hangry", that horrible, horrible place when hungry meets angry. Granted my pantry and kitchen are well stocked so what I grab for is generally better than most other people's choices.

But still. I'm exhausted. Wiped. Out

As I sat this past Saturday at a Sustainable Health Sustainable Wealth Event in Portland, ME, I pondered my energy leaks. How were they affecting my health? More importantly, what were they? Well, a few identifiable leaks immediately popped into mind. I can't help but think some will resonate with you.

1. Facebook. God damn Facebook. Sucking my soul. 2. Checking the email inbox..incessantly. Yup, I'm addicted to that ding of new email downloading. 3. Checking my web stats and # of visitors to my website. Slightly self absorbed I know. 4. Multi-tasking. Too driven by productivity 5. Complicated to-do lists. Enough said. 6. Early mornings and late nights..on the same day 7. Celebrity gossip. My Achilles heel.

Aaaand that's just what immediately popped into my mind. God only knows what I would come up with when I put some more time into it.


Clearly I know what I need to do.

So this is me, walking my walk, talking my talk, keeping it real and challenging you to be the best, healthiest version of yourself.

(Appropriate that I write this as we are just hit by two CRA-ZEE rainstorms within 30 minutes. Is the Universe trying to tell me something? Plugging a leaky boat and now a flood in my town on which the Ark might be able to float out on?...Hmm.)

Here's how I am going to plug my energy leaks. This is going to leave me more focused on what's important. It will help me to show up and be more present each and every day. And the best part? I'm going to stop wasting time. No more excuses as to why I can't go to bed when I want to. Nor hit up the grocery store. Nor catch up with an old friend when she's in town.

Why is this important? I'll have more time to spend where I want and with whom I want to spend it with. I'm done trying to wrestle control over my day from things which do not matter.

1. Let's tackle Facebook first. I think we are probably all in agreement that it's a horrible time suck. Not only does it lead us down a rabbit hole of hilarious, but useless YouTube Videos, funny memes that I could really do without, engaging articles that I would be okay with if I didn't read them and silly bantor and commentary on how your random high school friend just celebrated their 31st birthday with their cat.

Action : Deleted Facebook app from my phone. Only checking Facebook 2x/day. TWO TIMES. Monumental.

2. Incessant checking of the email inboxes is definitely a problem. I don't even want to know how many times a day I sync my emails to my phone, only to do nothing with them, nor care about what's in there. Heck, I might even complain about the junk mail I'm getting. Or that newsletter that I never signed up for but keep forgetting to unsubscribe from. Yup, that's sucking my soul.

Action : No more checking email at stop lights, in traffic jams or in parking lots. No more checking email right before I go to bed nor during other moments when I'm not going to do anything with those emails. No more checking email when I first get up. Wait til 10am or so (unless it's urgent.) And if I do need to read email, only read the relevant email - NO reading of other emails that just happen to be there. Only read my email when I am ready to take action on it. This will help me see which newsletters/lists I need to unsubscribe from.

3. Constant checking of my web traffic which needs to stop. So here's the good news. I am totally a cold turkey kinda gal. If/when I need to kick a habit, I do it 100%. In this case, just by identifying that this is a problem (and then writing publicly about it), I can already feel release from the shackles that my google analytics has over me. Checking is okay and in fact it's helpful to me for my biz.

Action : On game days when a blog post or newsletter goes up, check in the morning, maybe in the afternoon and then afternoon. No more constant checking on days when I haven't put up new content.

4. Multi-tasking and complicated to-do lists kinda go hand in hand. This is actually something that I've been working on. And it's always good to get clear on how it's beneficial to keep on keeping on. By becoming a uni-tasker, my productivity has gone up. You should try it sometime.

Action : Turn off the computer at night, when I'm done working AND at least an hour before bedtime. It's good for the soul (and tackling that bedside stack of books and conversation with my man.) Actually, I shut down the internet window browsers when I'm not online.

5. Early mornings and late nights are something elude my ability to relax. As a type-A entrepreneur, I feel this (self-inflicted) pressure to always be working. <sigh.> Slowly, I'm understanding the importance of not working. Believe it or not, constant working without a break is actually a hinderance to my creativity.

Action : On days when I rise early to get the worm, wrap up work around 4/5pm. And on days when I know they will go later, start work later or schedule in non-working time mid day.

6. Celebrity Gossip. Allow me to toot my own horn for a sec here. I used to be obsessed with celebrity blogs. Then a couple years ago, I went cold-turkey because I knew they were making me dumb and taking up precious space in my brain. So no more celebrity blogs for me. That being said, I sometimes get intrigued by random celebrity news that will make headline news elsewhere. Ultimately, it's all dumb and not worth reading. Lord know there are tons of books, check ins with friends, smooch sessions with man and projects I'm working on that are a much better use of my time. People who are successful and building their empires aren't sitting online reading Huffingtonpost/Celebrity.

Action : Going cold turkey.

So that's me. What about you? What's crept into your brain as your energy leak and how can you plug that hole?

As always, thanks for reading.

xx Johanna