What do LMFAO + Melissa Etheridge have in common?

Some people pray. I run. A lot.Some people paint. I run. A lot. Some people drive. I run. A lot. Some people paint. I run. A lot.

And when I'm out there running (lately in below freezing cold temps), I have lots of great insight. (With all that running, I eventually run out of things to think about. So inspiration and insight just hit me out of the blue. When I least expect it.)

Just the other day, I had a brilliant A-HA moment. Like, one of those moments, when I literally stopped in my tracks and thought, "By George, that's it!"

(I've tried to re-create the A-HA moment that I recently had via the Ven Diagram below.)

WebinarVen My life is awesome because of Jack Johnson, Melissa Etheridge and LMFAO. No, not because I think they are great musicians (Although LMFAO does bring some serious talent + creativity to the table, right?)

My life is awesome and I love myself every single day because of lessons I learned from those musicians and more (including Shanice + the Lion King Soundtrack. Yup, Shanice! I'm going old school folks.)

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