what I learned while training for a half marathon



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What's your 28 day goal? Mine is to run about 100 miles, ending in a half marathon on October 14th.

You may recall back in April I asked my tribe "Will you run a half marathon with me?" Well, call me crazy, but that video recruited two people (!) to run a half with me. And believe it or not, that spur of the moment decision to overcome my internal objections and sign up for a half marathon, yes a full on 13.1 miles, was one of the best videos I have ever done.

No, no, not in a cinematography kind of way, but in a motivating-get-things-on-track kind of way. That video was done over four months ago and those four months have found me running like crazy all around Massachusetts, North Carolina and New Hampshire. So many wonderful things have come out of that decision to run a half marathon.

I know that I am a uniter, a connector - I love bringing people together. I've done it around a book, two random people to be friends, and others who should hire the other person. I've brought people together for parties, dinner, and large scale political events.

Now I'm uniting people around a half marathon - or twenty eight days, whatever works for you.

There's just under four weeks to go until the Newport Half Marathon on October 14th.  My challenge to you is this

:: What goal will you set for yourself for the next 28 days?

Here's my goal ---> Run about 90 miles in training and then run a half marathon in under two hours. You?

Click on the video below to hear what I have learned from my half marathon training. Then leave a comment below and share your 28 day goal. We are all in this together!

[youtube nJlSDZI-sL8 nolink]

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