What I say to myself when I need a pep talk

Lately I've found myself running up some serious hills.

Perhaps when I start at 8100 ft and run 7.5 miles up to 8900 ft that is actually a mountain and not a hill?!

Anyhow, clearly the lack of oxygen this high above sea level clouds my brain enough to say yes to adventures like this. 

I'd say who does things like that except Magnolia Road, what we ran up isn't only famous for being one of America's best running roads, but it's also where Olympic champions + the CU Cross Country team trains. 

Hallowed grounds fo' sure.  Below is a picture I put up last week on Instagram of my run up Magnolia. 

This run gave me ample opportunity for some self talk. I was breathing heavy. My calves were SCREAMING at me. I thought my lungs were going to burst. I'm 110% certain I could have walked faster than I was running. I just wanted to lie down and stare at the sky, forget running. 

So what's a girl to say in moments like this?

Lately I've been self talking while running with this phrase, 

"You'll finish faster if you keep running." 

And while that may just be practical self talk, it works. 

So does this one,

"Just one more step."

What I love about that one more step phrase is that it totally shuts down everything else in my brain and I singularly focus on the present. Nothing more nothing less. 

Staying positive is one of the best things you can for yourself be it in a race, while training or trying to stick to a goal. It's where the magic happens. If your brain isn't on board with the idea, concept or events, you seriously diminish your chances of it happening. I mean, it's hard enough to do most feats that challenge us and pull us out of our comfort zone. So why add to the challenge with disbelief and negativity?

I've got lots of different mantras that I cycle through depending on my mood and current state of existence, but those two above are what's been working for me lately.

April Gellatly inspired me to write about her mantras. She shares her personal mantras and the power of self talk HERE.

This is what she shared which really resonated with me. So much so that it's now up on my dry erase board. 

Be here.

Don’t be anywhere else.



Quiet Mind.

Quiet Soul.

Raging Passion.

What do you say to yourself to get you through tough times?

Leave a comment below. I'm always open to inspiration!