What you and Tom Brady have in common


TomBradyAvocado Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the Patriots won the Superbowl in epic fashion. It was one helluva game,  down to the final second (what constitutes a good game by my dad's standards).

Inches from victory, the Patriots snatched a Superbowl ring from the Seahawks in very dramatic fashion. (Thank God.)

But I'm not here to talk football.

I'm here to talk about Tom Brady's diet. And you.

Tom Brady, besides being gorgeous and talented, is remarkably disciplined. He's remarkably disciplined not just during football season, but even more so during the off season. Impressive really.

He goes to bed at 8:30pm. He can't be convinced to go out for beers after a game. And he has an eating plan twelve months out of the year, following an acidic-alkaline diet that fluctuates with the seasons.

Tom Brady is 37 years old and there are only 18 QB's that are over the age of 38 and started 10 games in a season.

Whether you know what I'm talking about or not, this is the point (Yup, I've got one), your nutrition matters.

Allow me to drive that one home. Your. Nutrition. Matters.

Tom Brady has his nutrition dialed in. He enjoys avocado ice cream (I'd swap recipes with him any day of the week), lentils and sprouted grains.

Okay - so you don't want to be Tom Brady. Great. I don't want you to be Tom Brady either *|FNAME|*. What I do want for you is to improve your nutrition.

Why? Because it really, truly matters.

So you're not Tom Brady, you're not married to Gisele, you didn't open a sports rehab center nor do you have any Super Bowl rings on your bureau (that's where you'd keep them right?)

But that's no kind of excuse not to get your nutrition into tip top shape.

You've got me (Nutrition coach extraordinaire), you've got the internet and if you've got $130, you've got a 28 day virtual nutrition plan starting on Sunday with your name on it.

Quit 'yer bitching and get your nutritional act together. Hell, join me and you could even win surprise gifts and free coaching sessions.

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Now, I'm off for a bowl of avocado ice cream. Thanks Tom for the recipe.