What's in my Trader Joes' shopping bags?

Ohhh - I am so excited! This week's video is fun, definitely more organic and more grassroots-y (me just grabbing the camera and pressing the record button.) I have been dying to share it with you. After all, a lot of people ask me what I buy when I go to the supermarket. Do I only buy organic? (no.) Do I only buy fruits and vegetables? (uh, no.) Do I skip the middle section of the supermarket that is filled with all sorts of processed goods and things manufactured to be "natural?" (mostly) Do I bring canvass bags with me to the store? (abso-tooting-lutely!)

So a little while ago when I came back from a trip to Trader Joe's, I had a jolt of creativity and grabbed the camera. I figured that before I unpacked all my groceries,  I would record the highlights of what I bought. This also seemed like a great way to demonstrate that not only do I talk the talk, but I walk the walk. No doubt people listen to what I share about how to Eat well. Be happy. Love life and feel inspired about incorporating some new healthier decisions into their life. (Shoutout to those who comment on the blog and email me sharing what they find helpful about my videos.)

On the flip side, I am sure some people watch my videos and think, "Ha. That's a crazy idea. She can't really eat edamame, peanut butter and rice cakes all the time." Truth of the matter is that I do love and frequently eat edamame, peanut butter and rice cakes (although not all at the same time), as evidenced by my recent purchases caught on camera. And I love eating such great, yummy, HEALTHY food.  But perhaps those that think all that healthy food can't be good for you, won't be convinced no matter what I, or others do.

For those of you who are interested in making healthier choices and perhaps aren't sure about what small changes you can make to improve your diet, I hope this video will give some insight. If you find yourself wanting to eat better but aren't sure what to do. Or if you know that your meal planning needs an upgrade, give me a holler. That's just part of what I do as a health coach - helping you figure out what healthier foods are missing from your diet and what would best fit into your life.

Without further ado, click on video below to watch what I bought at Trader Joe's.  Then head down to the blog and let me know what you buy on a regular basis.

[youtube 8npUmFDFpFA nolink]