what's on your NOT to do list?

So, your to do list. How's that going for ya? You two friends or do you eye it warily as it lurks there on the countertop, teasing you?

My guess is, if you  are a) human or b) live in North America, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your to do list. There's one for home. And one for work. How it's getting bigger not smaller. What project to tackle next. What's been on the list so long you might as well just take it off the list.

I don't know if it's because I am type-A or what, but I love me some lists, to-do lists included.  If there's a list to be made, I am on it.

Grocery lists. Bucket lists. Dinner party invite lists. Rainy day lists. Weekend project list. Books to read list. Blog inspiration list. The list, ahem, pun intended, goes on.

My list making usually goes something like this.

Start list. Add to it. Cross one thing off. Yes! Add three more things. Add things in the margins. Add things that weren't on the list to then cross off. Check.

Have you ever thought for a moment about your NOT to do list? That's right. Things that you are going to STOP doing. Think about all the time you expend worrying/stressing/dreaming/thinking about your to do list, but maybe not being as efficient with it. Then think of all the time you spend doing things that you... ummm...SHOULD stop doing.

Do you get where I am going with this?

Click on the video below to listen to what's on other people's NOT to do list. Then scroll down and share what's on your NOT to do list.

[youtube jXQvrRvR3Ew nolink]