Where do our blueberries come from?

I find it mildly amusing when a place, food, person or thing has some declaration of it being the biggest/best/most famous fill-in-the-blank in the world/state/country etc. Like, how does that happen? Who is the judge? What's the competition?

For three years now, I have been hearing how Cherryfield, ME is the blueberry capital of the.....world.

That's right. The World.

And like most people, I never really got it. I mean, how can one place, in which I haven't really seen many (read : any) blueberry fields, claim such status?

Until tonight.

Blueberry barrens as far as the eye can see. And then some. It was jaw dropping. These pictures do them zero justice. None.

I had no idea. They just go on and on.

James and I stumbled upon acres upon acres of blueberry barrens. (I guess there IS open space in New England after all.) It was kinda crazy. Make any one or two turns off of a road and lo and behold, there we were. Surrounded. By fields of blueberries.

Below is a snapshot of googlemaps showing the barrens. It's all that brown space.

So I guess I was late to the game and Cherryfield was onto something.

Ah, love me some blueberries. They are great for myriad reasons:

  • Second most popular berry, after the strawberry
  • High antioxidants which combat free radicals which if left alone will attack and damage our cell structures
  • Blueberries have a low glycemic index number, meaning a favorable effect on blood sugar levels
  • They are high in manganese, calcium and Vitamin K
  • Studies have shown they reduce overall cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • They are BLUE!

And could it get any more quintessentially more Maine-y? We saw a bear frolicking in the blueberry patch.