Who wants to go to the beach with me?

NB-RTB-Ragnar-ambassador-01200 miles. 36 legs. 12 people. 2 vans. Minimal sleep. Less than ideal caloric intake.  The sweatiest, stinkiest most cramped conditions for 30 hours. But the most fun you will ever have. Promise.

NH Reach the Beach, September 12-13th, 2014. Mark your calendar.

In 2013, I participated in the NH Reach the Beach running relay event for the first, and most definitely not the last, time ever.

It was the late spring of 2013 when my dear friend Caitlin and I hatched this crazy plan to recruit 10 other people (strangers) to run with us.

The basic concept behind Reach the Beach (RTB) is that a circuitous route from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach NH, 200 or so miles, is divided into 36 legs. Each leg ranges from 3 - 9 miles. 500 teams of 6 or 12 people partner up, form a team and show up at their assigned time to start the race. And then you run in all kinds of weather, at sunup and sundown. You run through the night and into the early hours of the morning. Runner number 1 runs legs 1, 13 + 25. Runner 2 runs legs 2, 14 + 26 and so on and so forth.

RTB21You get the idea right?

So what are your next steps?

Find or create a team, register, sign the waiver and you're good to go! Start training on those hills and practice double run days 'cuz things are about to get real.

Waves of runners line up at Cannon Mountain, starting at 6am. They roll out every 30 minutes until 4pm on Friday, the first day of the event. And then beginning on Saturday afternoon-ish, those same teams start to cross the finish line at Hampton Beach.

Last year I wrote a couple posts about my experience running to reach the beach. You can read my most popular piece HERE about what I learned from running Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach.


I write today's post to share this event with you. (Not just to confirm with you that I'm nutty 'cuz I'm all signed up for this year's event.) But I share to inspire and invite you to join me. I'm an ambassador for Reach the Beach this year and just received an email that registration is filling up.

So if you've ever, ever entertained doing an event like this, I strongly encourage you to visit the NH Reach the Beach website.

If you've got questions about the logistics of how this all goes down, VISIT THIS SITE. They've got all your questions answered and more.

Or you can just email me at Johanna@johannavoss.com and I'll walk, no run, you thru the whole experience.

C'mon + join me at the beach!