why 8 is my favorite number + how to get better sleep

Good night sleep last night? Or is my morning enthusiasm totally ticking you off?

When I hear of my clients, friends and families' sleep issues - can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep, doesn't wake up rested - I know how blessed I am. I take about this <                  > long to fall asleep. Yup, I'd be asleep by now. Happily on my way to slumber. (And whatever insane dreams await me.) And then in the morning, I'd wake up and be ready for the day.

My sleep habits have changed over the years. I do recall as a little one up through high school being a total night owl. Very vivid memories of having gone to bed, but entertaining myself for h o u r s in bed. I read. I played teacher. I talked to imaginary kids in my bedroom. (Yes, I could easily entertain myself for hours...still can. Which definitely comes in handy at times.)

And then morning would come and my mom would have to drag me out of bed.

Full on drag. Open the door. Pull back the curtains. And I so distinctly remember silently cursing her for this.  Mom, love ya!

I was 13. It was 11 am.

I used to say "eh, you can sleep when you're dead." I don't think my friends associate me with someone who sleeps. I am that woman who has half her day's work done by 11am. And I never really used to sleep a lot.

Now it's the total reverse. Early to bed. Early to rise. With the sun. Ideally when there is a nice sunrise.  Or at least that helps.

My two biggest health tips? Drink water and get a good night's sleep. It makes all the difference.

Click on the video below to learn why 8 is my fave number AND what you can do to sleep better. Then c'mon over to the blog and tell me a sleep story - how well do you sleep?

[youtube dmugBIMb80o nolink]

If you struggle to

  • wake up feeling refreshed
  • sleep through the night
  • get to bed at a decent hour

and as a result

  • reach for coffee and soda to get you through the day
  • are exhausted all day long
  • have little patience and feel overwhelmed during the day

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