Why do you run like you do?

The other day a dear friend asked me why I run and workout like I do. 

What a good question. To be honest, not one I've thought about. 

Have you ever stopped to think about why you do what you do?

Why do you run? Why do you walk daily? Why do you keep that date with your fitness trainer?

I hear resounding answers of "to exercise, to stay healthy, to lose weight, to move my body." Yes, I hear those responses loud and clear. 

But why else do you exercise?

All those reasons are damn good reasons, but sometimes they aren't enough. They aren't instant gratification (which is more of a reason for us to do anything, let alone exercise.)

You don't hit the gym 3x a week year round to starve off heart disease in F O R T Y years. 

I move my body daily because honestly, it's something to do. 
I move my body daily because it's free entertainment. 
I move my body daily because it's a social activity. 

Truth be told, I'm single in Boulder and have time on my side. I know that most of you barely make time to read this email, let alone workout for 30 minutes. So perhaps that's not why you might exercise.

But me? I'm always prowling for something to do and someone to do it with.

New to Boulder and needing to make friends, running is something social to do, a way to meet people and learn the bike paths and running routes. 

As I don't have a +1 or kids, my weekends aren't filled up with things I have to do, or place I have to go (things that inevitably come about with having a partner or other littles in your life.) The weekends are all mine to do with as I please. 

So running or hiking up a mountain, or going for a 50 mile bike ride, is something to do. It passes the time. And the more the merrier!

And yes, at the end of the day, it feels so good to move my body, to oil my joints, to stretch my muscles when I spend a lot of the day sitting. 

Why do you exercise?