Why hanging shelves is like life.

As it turns out, shelves don't hang themselves. Who knew?

As a single person living alone, I'm slightly bummed this is true. 

I had two options.

I could either continue to visualize and dream and meditate and pray those shelves to the wall so I could get out from under the stack of photo frames I keep rearranging around my place (for the day the shelves hung themselves.)

Or I could grab a stud finder (if only it were so easy), level, drill, all the necessary drill bit sizes (size matters right?), hammer, wall anchors and screws.....(I'll leave that alone. My mom reads these.)

You'd better believe I'm fierce with a tool belt and drill. As Sarah Palin so famously said, "drill baby drill."

Now - picture this. I've got two arms, luckily with hands attached. And somehow I need to figure out where to put the first shelf. Figure out where the second shelf goes in relation to the first shelf. Find my studs. Line up shelf and screw holes (seriously?!) accordingly. Get one hole figured out. 

And if that's not bad enough, balance a level on the shelf, a pencil in my mouth, one hand pressed hard against the shelf so it doesn't budge a hair once it's level. And then drill the rest of the holes. 

All with just my two hands. 

Did I mention it's the end of August and 90+ degrees out?

I had a very clear vision of what I wanted this shelving situation to look like. But it would absolutely define physics if I was able to see the "finished" product before actually drilling all those holes.

So what did I do? 

I trusted the process. 
I trusted my calculations.
I trusted my measurements.
I trusted my vision.
I trusted my abilities. 

Just like in life - sometimes you can't see the end goal until you've actually arrived. But you need to trust that it will all work out. As it always does.

Might I saw, those shelves look damn good. 

Just as I knew they would.