Why I embrace fear (and you should too!)

As I write this, I am battling the heat in sunny (and humid) Charlotte, North Carolina. I am here for a really cool, amazing business opportunity that I will share about soon. Thinking about being here (and not in New Hampshire where I am living for the summer) gave me pause.

Well, truly the first thought is - why is it so gosh darn hot down here?! How do people live here?!

And then, I thought to myself - in the past few months I have gone from living in Massachusetts, to New Hampshire and now NC. Since I am quite an adventure seeker, I had to wonder where I was a year ago.

OMG, I was in Barcelona, Spain a year ago. Gasp - where does the time go?

A year. How can it already be a year? 365 days? 52 weeks? And then I had an even bigger realization. I began working with clients in the spring of 2011. Meaning, I have been in business for myself for over  a year now. (You'll see my dance party of one in the video.)

And just as quickly as I got over the shock of how quickly time has flown by, I realized that during those 365+ days, I learned a heckuva lot. LIke, a lot a lot. A. Lot.

It's also been an incredibly rewarding year. Just last week I had a client tell me that after our session together, she felt refreshed and renewed. Another one, as we were hanging up said, "Thanks.  I needed this conversation. This is all stuff that's been in my head so it's great to be able to talk it out with someone and get another perspective."

Besides the clients, which are truly the best part, there were a few lessons that really stood out in my mind. Click on the video below to hear me share them. And as a bonus, you'll learn my two mantras that are religiously written on post-it notes by my computer.

[youtube wByNW8dd_S0 nolink]