Why I like my addiction to Health Food Stores

G' mornin'. My name is Johanna and I have an addiction. To health food stores. Yes, I am addicted to health food stores.

I have yet to find one that I don't like. When I walk by one, I have to check it out. And yes, I always buy something. Not necessarily a lot of stuff, but always something. When I am in a new town, one of the first things I do is visit the local health food store.  I just can't escape them.

Here's why I am addicted to health food stores.

1. I get inspiration. Inspiration for recipes. Inspiration to bake a gluten free, vegan cake. Inspiration to change something about my life. Inspiration to do something different with my life. Inspiration for my bizness. It comes from the food, the books, the magazines or all the gadgets and gizmos that are around (which do a great job convincing me that I need them. Although I am pretty good and don't buy 'em, but I do always feel like I want to!)

2. I feel good about myself. I am literally happy just being inside a health food store. Perhaps it's being surrounded by kindred spirits. I could aimlessly wander those aisles for hours...not that I have ever done that. No, not me.

3. The smell makes me happy.  What is it about health food stores? They all smell the same and I LOVE it.

4. It's educational. I always learn something new at a health food store. There is always some food, oil, spice, seaweed, lotion, grain that I have heard about but never seen. It's fun to see this stuff up close and personal.

5. I love their book selection. I love how they always have books that you can't necessarily find at your library or local bookstore. Books on eating raw, veganism and juicing. Books that are on my must read lists, but I can't always get my hands on. Inevitably I always end up in the book section anywhere I go, but always at at health food store.

6. I love coming home with my purchases. I always feel like I just left a birthday party with the best gift bag full of favors!

7. I love bulk bins. Not only is it cheaper to get stuff from bulk (wahoo saving money!) but it's also fun to get only what you need. And maybe some stuff you don't need per se, but just want to try.

8. I love adventure. Food adventures are some of the best kind. Raw kale chips? You bet I'll try them.

9.  I feel at home. The aisles of Dr Bronner's products. Bob's Red mill. Those aisles of bulk products. The edamame in the frozen section. They are all familiar, welcoming faces. I can't help but feel a sigh of relief when crossing the threshold into a health food store.

10. I find health food stores aesthetically pleasing. I love the openness of the shelves. I love the glass doors. I love how the packages are smaller and more can fit into the spaces than a traditional grocery store where everything is so big. I love the colorful packaging that usually comes without logos, cartoon figures and catch slogans.

Johanna Voss is a Life Coach who will inspire you to make rewarding and empowering decisions around your health, life, love and career. She's a wellness nut, runner, cook, adventure seeker, bookworm, cafe dweller and non-stop smiling inspiration to everyone around her.

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