Why on earth do I eat baby food?!

I run, I bike, I hike. 

I need my food to be E A S Y.  Easy, like Sunday morning. 

I've gelled, I've gu-ed, I've done all variations (and then some) of processed, gross, sugary gel packets on runs and rides. While they work and keep my energy up, I always felt like they were lacking something.....something natural. 

A few weeks ago, I grabbed some baby food pouches (do NOT ask me how I wandered into this aisle of the supermarket) off the shelf. For those of you who don't have kids or whose kids have long since outgrown mushy baby food. Lemme tell you, this industry has come a loooong way.

Packets are BPA free, great marketing, bright colors, yummy flavor combos (I'm 100% certain no kid in my generation was eating quinoa at 6 months old.)

Full disclosure - this isn't something I would recommend to someone doing an Ironman or the Tour de France.

But for you and I, out on a ride, hike or run - get yourself to the baby food aisle. Make sure to read the ingredient list and ONLY get brands and pouches that have fruits and veggies. No other added shit okay?

I've been riding with them a couple times now and love them because they  are super easy to open and consume on the bike. And I can just tuck the pouch back into my jersey when I'm done. No mess, no fuss. 

They've also been tossed into my Nathan hydration pack for a hike and provided some appreciated real nutrition when I reached the summit. 

So for those of you looking for an easy supplemental tag-along for your next ride or hike, get yo'self into the baby food aisle.