Why Phoning a Friend is Always the Best Lifelife


G'morning! So it begins with the alarm clock. And then snooze.

Get dressed, down a cup of coffee (or green juice), quick bite to eat of oatmeal and out the door. Bagel on the way to work. Maybe. Depends if there is a long line at the coffee shop or not.

Work work work. Meetings. Facebook. Conference calls. Facebook. Check in with the boss.  What's up with my email in-box? So many new messages. Argh, need to make a dent in that. Delete some. Make a mental note to come back to others.

Quick lunch. Check in with my new client and update them on project's progress.

Ack! It's 5pm. How did that that happen?!

Ooooh Emily texted and is out at the decks having a drink. I reply  yes. See you later. Quick wrap up of my latest project, add to the pile of things to do tomorrow (yeah right.)

Don Draper...yummm

Swing by and say hi to Emily, grab a quick drink. See Jeff and Josh out as well. Invite them to join our group.

Then it's ugh, home late, putz around the house, leftovers? Sure. Catch latest episode of Mad Men. Ipad is open on my lap and I'm kinda reading Facebook. Kinda checking the news, but not really getting much done. Drooling over Don Draper. Aahhh.

Holy smokes it's 11:30. How'd that happen?

Into bed I go.

Then, it begins with the alarm clock. And then snooze.

Life is this vortex that just sucks you in and at times it's hard to break out, to break the cycle. You know what didn't happen the day above? A workout. Nope. Nothing.

How many times have you heard yourself saying "I'll start when things calm down."

I hear this story from friends, family and clients all the time.

Here's a heads up - things will never calm down. Never. Ever.  Things, life will never calm down to the point at which you think you need them to be.

(And really, do you really want them to calm down? What does that mean anyway?"

What about "I'll start tomorrow"?

I fully believe in your intentions because I've been there. I know you want to work out. I know you want to sweat it out. And I know that depending on what's going on in my life, I will be back in a rut sometime in the future. I'm only human.

But I've consistently done one thing a couple times a week for the past few months to help me break the cycle.

I've used a lifeline. I've phoned a friend.

We are great about letting ourselves down day in and day out, over and over again.

But a girlfriend who you told you would meet at the gym?

Noooooo! Be it guilt, appearance's sake or not wanting to be the wimpy one, come hell or high water, you'll most likely  meet her there.

Right? I know y'all reading this now just what I'm talking about!

Curious as to exactly what I do to make it happen? Let me give you a peek as to the THREE WAYS  I use my phone-a-friend lifeline.

1. Make a workout date. My friend Thea and I run a 10k every week. Unfortunately there are no medals, water stops or cheering crowds. But every week, we lace up our sneaks, adjust our sports bra, nod to one another and we're off. And yup, on the days in which I'm not totally in the mood or space to run 6+ miles, too bad for me.

Every single time I say,  "I'm so glad we did that. Thank you Thea."

So I get to reap the benefit of my running buddy for more than just one day. I've got some pride (and a good head on my shoulders.) I know it would be ridiculous for me to think I can run 6 miles, 1x/week and not do anything else. So I get out there and run without Thea so as to keep up with her on Tuesdays.

Here's the takeaway : We have a standing date for once a week. That's it. Anything else is bonus. By making that commitment to run with Thea, I'm inevitably going to get out and run other days a week.

2. Involve money. I pay a personal trainer to kick my butt. Nothing says accountability when there is money involved. I work with Angela Garcia at AG Fitness (if you live on or near the NH Seacoast, you MUST go visit the crew at AG Fitness. They will rock your world. If nothing else, they have amazing music.)

Every single time I say, "Today's class kicked my butt. Yes! Thank you Angela."

Here's the takeaway : There are so many options here. You can work with a personal trainer 1:1 or in a small group. You can download GymPact. Not totally sure how it works, but I know if you don't check in at the gym, you have to pay someone. Ugh.

Think you can't afford it? The question really is can you afford NOT to do it? What's it costing you to keep doing what you're doing?

I reap major, MAJOR benefits from working out that go wayyy beyond the physical benefits. I go to bed earlier and wake up rested, eat more vegetables and whole grains, rock out my skinny jeans with a sassy top to show off my pipes (for real), reduce my type A personality stress, hook up with new clients (cha-ching.) And working out gives me a hotter body, which means my man showers me with compliments. Not bad. Not bad at all.

3. Join a group.  I'm part of a couple running groups. One is a Sunday Funday run group, the Slackers. Yes, it's officially called the Slackers Run Group. I've also started up with the Coastal Athletic Association at the track on Tuesday nights. (Yup, I've voluntarily do to 4x800 repeats, hill running and 200m sprints. Yes, something is obviously off kilter with me!)

I'm also happy to report that just recently I've made it to the weekly Lululemon Run Club. FINALLY! While no one necessarily asks me if I'm coming each week, I know that there are people who are excited to see me when I show up. And on the days in which I don't go, I miss them (and feel guilty.)

Guilt = great workout motivator.

Every single time I say : "That was awesome! Aahh, I feel great now. Thank you."

Here's the takeaway : Even if you are one individual in a group, you've committed to someone else. When you wrap up a workout and someone waves goodbye to you, tossing out a "See you next week Johanna", I don't know about you, but that "see ya next week" stays with me. All week. And next week? Oh yeah, I totally want to go see them.

True story.

If you aren't doing anything physical right now, but more importantly you are not embracing your OMG-I'm-33-how'd-that-happen-body, then choose just one way to phone in a friend.

1. Make a workout date 2. Join a class 3. Find a local group that meets weekly and invite yourself over.

I'm curious. What do you do to workout? How do you find time to fit in fitness? Leave a comment below and share your insight. This way we can allll learn ways to make that workout happen.

As always, thanks for reading.