Why Santa got me a AAA map this year


Happy New  Year. Feliz Año Nuevo. Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu Wherever you are, whatever language you speak, Happy New Year.

Happy day of resolutions. Happy day of new beginnings. Happy day of deciding that this is the year that you'll get your butt to the gym, call home more often and express more frequent displays of gratitude.

Happy day of committing to kale, quinoa and organic, free range, grass fed, locally raised chicken.

My Facebook stream has been overflowing with pictures of vision boards,  theme words for 2015, bubble baths by candlelight and midnight hikes.

Have the usual displays of puppies and babies on your Facebook feed also been replaced by similar, public commitments to change?

HondaFitAllow me to tell you where I am. I'm starting off this year in the front seat of my little black bean, aka my Honda Fit.  Surrounding me are all of my worldly possessions (minus two boxes that are taking the leisurely route courtesy of FedEx.)

Everything else I own...er, used to own has been sold, gifted or donated to loving homes. Gone are my two dressers, my bookcase and my favorite. mattress. ever. Gone is about half my wardrobe. Gone are 52 books for which I lovingly turned every page and poured over every word. Gone is my camping pad, plates, bowls.

With me are just the necessities. My side sleeper pillow. Sneakers. Some clothes. My foam roller. Cherished posters. My Cuisinart, blender and Nespresso frother. Frequently used spices and mason jars  filled with deliciousness.

Like I said, the necessities.

I bid adios to New  Hampshire and I'm heading west. I've asked Siri to guide me to Boulder (and to think I've done it before with paper maps courtesy of AAA. How primitive! Although Santa snuck one of those tri-fold AAA maps into my stocking this year. "Just in case" he said.)

Yup, I'm moving from Portsmouth, NH to Boulder, CO.

As of press time, I don't have much to report on my journey thus far.

You can follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via my custom hastag #JoGoesWest

I will tell you this, with the hope that you take big a$$ nuggets of inspiration from my big leap and move 2,000 miles across the country.....

Do something big this year. I mean, really big.

I too, like most everyone, am desiring a bigger, better 2015.  Probably like a lot of people, I want more success, more freedom and hell yeah, I want more money and more clients. Yet that's not all.

I'm desiring more strength and flexibility, more half marathons, more training and more running. I'm craving move love, more dinner parties, more passport stamps, more giggle fits and more connection.

I'm desiring a filled up social calendar with intimate friends who explore Boulder and the world beyond with me.

I'm desiring learning more about my family and spending quality time with loved ones I haven't seen in ages.

I'm desiring learning more about myself, speaking more Spanish and falling in love. Every single day.

While I decided that I wanted to shake things up, live out of my comfort zone, change my perspective and uproot my life, doesn't mean you have to.

I just encourage you to live big this year. Take risks. Think outside the box. Say yes when you normally say no. Say no when you normally say yes.

Just make sure to do something that makes you think "What on earth was I thinking?"

The bigger the fear, the greater the reward.

(Heck, maybe you'll even create a custom hastag for the experience, just like I've got. #JoGoesWest)

Happy New  Year. Feliz Año Nuevo. Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu