Why the hell am I going to Idaho?

2 days ago, while talking to my mom, I dropped a bomb in the middle of our conversation. There we were, talking nonchalantly about the ins and outs of life, what we were up to, why she was calling from a bench outside Friendly's at 10am my time when I said,

"Oh mom. By the way, I'm going to Idaho on Thursday for a few days. Gonna go visit my friend Thea."

There was no pause in our conversation. No silence. Just "You're going WHERE, Johanna? And who are you going to see?"

"Ma, Idaho. I'm going to Idaho to spend time with a friend, a USANA girlfriend, Thea."

I'm not quite sure why this was conversation stopping news.

Doesn't everyone just decide to go to Idaho at one point in their life? Especially on such short notice?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.14.57 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.14.57 PM

Chances are, as you're reading this, I'm in the car somewhere between here and there. And if you know me at all, you know that I'm instagramming about my travels.

(Feel free to follow along via my instagram account HERE.)

It didn't take my mom much time at all to process that I was going on a road trip, off on yet another adventure. She knows that's just how I roll.

You on the other hand may be wondering :

"WTF. Jo's going to Idaho? (Yes.) Today? (Yes.) And she just decided this earlier in the week? (Monday morning to be exact.) How can she do that? (Easily. Read this.) Sure it's 4th o' July weekend, but still. She's left during the week? What about work? (I'll get to that.) Who will take care of her plants? (My neighbour.)"

Sure, it's the summer and people are rocking Friday vacation days, trips to the Cape, Outer Banks adventures and camping in National Parks all the way up until the kiddos go back to school.

I on the other hand, work for myself and don't have to check with the boss before I take off. Day in and day out, I wear a couple of different hats (including my fedora for sun protection. Being a mile closer to the sun can be brutal.)

At times, I'm a nutrition coach. Other times I'm a business manager for entrepreneurs. Not to mention, I've partnered with USANA, a company that makes phenomenal vitamin supplements and low glycemic shakes. So I share their products as well.

The face of business of the 21st century is changing.

More and more people are taking advantage of the internet to create their own business, go into business for themselves, all while creating a lifestyle they love.

Believe me, I thank Al Gore many a time for inventing the internet.

Thanks to Al, I've got lifestyle freedom, travel freedom and the ability to pick and choose how, when and where I work.

So for the next few days, I shall be working in Sun Valley, Idaho. (And yes, I will totally be attempting to celebrity spot, looking for Demi Moore and/or Bruce Willis on my lunch break.)

And right next to me will be a dear friend of mine, Thea who also wears a lot of hats, including one as a USANA business owner. It was through Kate Northrup that we connected and quickly became soul sisters. (And I think when I leave Idaho, I too might be a whisky lover....Stranger things have happened.)

Thea and I will be jamming about all things entrepreneurial in between outings to the lake, glamping (glamorous camping), cocktails and birthday parties.

In fact, Thea and I have so much fun doing business that we're joining up with 3 of our other fave USANA sisters to give you a look behind the scenes at exactly what we do.


The five of us (Thea, Michaela, Sandra, Laura and myself) are all part of Kate Northrup's team in a network marketing business. (USANA is a direct selling company.)

The fun part is that we're coming together virtually (across two continents) to chat, share how long we've been with USANA, our favorite part of this business, advice we wish we'd known and anything else that comes up.

If you're the slightest bit envious of my lifestyle and travel freedom......or if you've EVER entertained a career switch, or desire additional income from something that you can do on your own time, your own way, alongside some kick-ass, hilarious women - join us.

It's all going down Wednesday night, July 8th @ 6pm MT / 8pm EST.

It's totally free and I promise, you'll let out a giggle or two.

Join our webinar WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Sign up HERE  ---> http://app.webinarjam.net/register/2787/66596527dc

Well on that note, I think you should pop over to Instagram, check out where I am on my travels, and think about joining us Wednesday night.

Who knows. Perhaps joining us on Wednesday will set off you off on your own road trip....

.....to Idaho right. 'Cuz everyone goes to Idaho..