why you do not want more time in the day + 4 time management strategies.

Are 24 hours just not enough for you? Do you wish that you had more time in the day?

Do you only wish that you had more time to a) get to the gym? b) get to bed earlier? c) take a chill pill and put your feet up? d) work less and have more fun? e) all of the above?

Actually, you do NOT wish you had more time in the day. That's right. You heard me.  You do NOT want more time in the day.

What you really wish you had, was a better way to manage your time. Think about it : adding more time to the day does NOT mean that you will have more time to do the same amount of things that you are trying to do now.

No no, my friend. Quite possibly, given more time in the day, your to-do list will just continue to grow. And grow. And grow... What would increase your happiness, decrease your stress and allow you to sleep more throughout the night is a better handle on how to manage your time. Starting today. The here and now.

A wise man once said, "A man must be master of his hours and days, not their servant" (Thank you William Frederick Brook for that inspiration.) Until you are willing to take a conscious effort on how you invest your time, the days will continue to run away from you. Time is truly, your most valuable resource. Click on the video below to get my four tips to improve your time management strategy. Choose just ONE to implement today. Leave a comment below to share what time management strategy YOU chose to better invest your time.

[youtube hG8xkniInr8 nolink]

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