Why you should clean out your fridge


It all began with a tin of tomato sauce that tipped over in my fridge.
And then proceeded, with the help of this thing called gravity, to slide down the back wall of my fridge.
It was gross. I mean, not super duper gross, but wayyy too gross for my type-A, cleanliness obsessed personality to like. The thing was, the only time I ever thought about this tomato mess was when I opened the fridge door and cursed that tomato landslide. I promised myself I would deal with it in a minute.
But then, you guessed it, I would close the door and immediately forget about this tomato-ness.
Until one day, I took matters into my own hands. I was amazed at what happened. It revolutionized how I looked at my fridge.
So watch my video below and then tell me, when was the last time YOU cleaned out your fridge?

[youtube teKrLPBNZbc nolink]