Will you be my amiga? Or, How to Make Friends.

So, will you be my friend? When was the last time you asked someone that? Maybe....second, third grade? Granted, once you get past oh, elementary school, one doesn't really have to say those exact words. But even without the ask, when was the last time you made a new friend?

Without kindergerten and the playground and library reading room and Saturday soccer team and t-ball and playdates organized by our moms (my mom will drive if yours will pick up?), how exactly does one make friends, after the age of.....22?

Have you thought about this? Let's think about it for a mo. So there's work possibilities, which could be cool. Except you probably spend enough time at the workplace and perhaps don't want much association with work once you're off duty. Then there's the bar. Ehhh. I can only imagine how that interaction would go! "So I like margaritas, reality TV and pizza. Do you want to be my friend?" Riiiiight. Good luck with that!

If making new friends isn't something you have thought about in awhile, perhaps you should. Even if just for a minute.

"Community builds immunity"  says Dr. Northrup. Studies show that those who have strong bonds with their friends, those who have a strong community of people to lean on, have longer lives. No joke! Everyone needs people to confide in, a team who supports them and close knit relationships with others.

And today's tweetness is this: "Community builds immunity." @JohannaVoss via @ KateNorthrup. Click HERE to tweet it to the world.

While knowing all that (I mean living longer is a good motivation to make a new friend) it doesn't make it any easier to do so. In today's video, I share my top ways to branch out and improve your social circle. No, not your social network or your number of friends on Facebook. I mean your real friends - the ones whose number is in your phone. Whose birthdays you know by heart.

So click on the video below.

[youtube tNDLIvX8bAM nolink]

And then when you're done, head on over to the blog and share with all of us how YOU meet new people.

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