Will you commit with me?

All my friends who know me well, know I'm a morning person. They always make jokes about how early I get up, how by 10am my day is half over and if I ever sleep. 

My morning routine is well known and everyone assumes that I've run a half marathon by breakfast.

There's a reason they tease me about this.

For the most part, it's true. I am up early.

My day does seem to be half over by 10am sometimes (!)

And I usually do workout in the mornings. 

But for the last few months, I've been off my game. 

I've been a bit lazy in the mornings, not desiring to get up, face the day and seize the moment. 

I've let my meditation practice slip, as has my visualization and morning compassion practice. 

And I've been okay with that. I like change and needed a break in the routine.

My morning meditation spot while in WY over the weekend, staring at the backside of the Tetons.

My morning meditation spot while in WY over the weekend, staring at the backside of the Tetons.

When in reality, I love being the person who gets up at the same time everyday, no matter what. I love my morning meditation practice. I love being awake before the world and relishing the quiet time when I'm absurdly productive.

On May 30th, just a week or so ago, I decided to recommit to getting up early (5am), meditating for 10-15 minutes every morning and doing one thing on my to-do list before breakfast.

It feels so good to be back on this track again.

My head is clear. My mind is open. I'm awake! I'm sleeping like an Olympic Champion. I'm feeling on top of the world. 

And it all came about because I re-committed. To myself. 

Will you join me in committing? What one thing have you been wanting to do because you know it's a really good idea for your sanity, your health or your peace of mind? 

I'm not suggesting you try something new. I'm encouraging you to recommit to something that you used to do, but have let slide. 

I've got just over a week under my belt of re-embracing 5am wake ups and 15 minutes of morning meditation. I'm committed until June 30th. 

Make a decision to commit with me and leave a note below as to what it is.

Let's do this.