will you run a half marathon with me?

I want to run another half marathon. But I can easily think of a million, okay, maybe three reasons not to sign up.

Yet. I mean I am going to do it. Just maybe next year. When I will be more ready. More in shape. Yeah. Next year.

But those reasons were just excuses that I was hiding behind.

Can you relate to that? Rationalizing why you aren't ready, smart enough, organized, healthy enough to do something?

What exactly was my fear? Ever stopped to identify what that fear is that's holding you back?

So I asked myself to get to the real reason I hadn't signed up for a half marathon yet....

Was it the fear of not completing the half? Maybe, but I've run a half marathon before. Twice. Clearly it's possible. So scratch that fear. The fear of training for it? Maybe. But then again, see above. The fear of it taking longer than it has before? Who cares? I am just aiming for running it, not qualifying for anything. So this fear is bogus.

Um yeah.

Now I've run out of ways to identify that fear.

Then I turned the idea of fear around and instead asked myself,

"Who would I be without that thought? Without that fear?"

I would be a half marathon running fool, that's who I'd be. Clearly.

That feeling of accomplishment and pride upon completion? Yeah, I can taste it. It's delicious. It far far outweighs anything that I was currently rationalizing as an excuse not to run another half.

Yet there I was, Coach Johanna, throwing up barriers to delay the inevitable. (I knew I would eventually do another. I knew it was in me. I was just debating my own stall tactics. Yup, debating with myself. Pretty sweet.)

I had big hairy, audacious goal looming on my horizon. I saw it. I knew it was there. It got closer everyday and I was cool with that. But I still kept it at bay with the ol',

...."Well, I should run some 10k's first and then I'll sign up." "I will get my base mileage up and then I'll sign up." "I don't know where I will be in the fall, so that makes it hard to sign up for a half."...

I called B*#$@*#T on myself. Click on the video below to find out how that went. Then come share with me on the blog below what your big, hairy, audacious goal is. Don't have one? Make one. Commit to it. TODAY.

[youtube jD-YahRitUc nolink]

For all of you that are stalling around a goal, something you want to do, you know who you are. I don't doubt everyone has their own "half marathon"  that's taunting them, just out of reach. I put this challenge out to you - what will you commit to? Set your fears free. I did. It's quite liberating.

And don't do it alone. Reach out for support. Call me. Email me. I will support you from identifying your goal, helping you figure out what's in the way and then inspiring you to reach it.  That's what I do best as a health coach.....(as well as make a mean vegan banana bread. With chocolate chips!!)

If you are ready to reach a personal goal of yours, if you have decided now's the time, then email me to schedule your Complimentary Get Acquainted Session. johanna@johannavoss.com