Write It Down and Other Tips To Clean Up Your Diet

So, be honest. How much Halloween candy did you eat? Do you still have any sitting on top of the fridge so-that-way-you-stop-eating-it-all? Don't worry. It's our little secret :)

And how have you felt in the days post Halloween, consuming candy? Heck, maybe sugar isn't a problem for you just at this time of the year. Maybe it's something that you know you should cut back on for awhile now.

There's been an interesting transition with my diet these past few weeks which I attribute to the change of seasons. My meals have gotten heavy, more dense. I'm still eating fruits and veggies, but with less frequency than during the warmer months. Baked goods seem to have found their way into my kitchen lately.

I could definitely use a little bit more attention to what I'm eating. The days are only getting darker, making me sleeeepppy and probably more inclined to grab something "quick" just-this-once. Those decisions are never the healthiest ones and I need to be more aware of when I am making them.

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This week's video is all about ways to clean up your diet. Click on the video below.

[youtube cLTjcoEMa44 nolink]

Now it's your turn. Have you ever been stuck trying to cut out the bad stuff from your diet? How did you do it? I'd love to hear.

Keep smiling,


Johanna Voss is a Life Coach who will inspire you to make rewarding and empowering decisions around your health, life, love and career. She's a runner, cook, adventure seeker, bookworm and non-stop smiling inspiration to everyone around her. *** Reach her at johanna@johannavoss.com or here. And find her on the social media sites below. She'd love to connect!