Yup. I eat meat. And sugar.

Just last week, I was out to dinner with a girlfriend. Well, actually it was our first meeting of our book club, ta-dah! Imagine. Two busy women, both of us wearing many hats and burning the candle at both ends, one of whom who has two little ones at home and just moved into a new home finding the time to read. bookclubSomehow we did it. We read the first chapter of The FireStarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte and managed to get both of us in the same booth at a local restaurant to talk about it.

We might have talked more about life, moving, cutting out gluten and running half marathons. But we did talk about chapter one of the book.

Our original plan was to meet for drinks, maybe an appetizer or two and be bookworms.

So we did. And then it got dark. And it was chilly out. And we'd both had long days at the end of a long week. And we were tired. So our drink date became dinner.

My friend knew exactly what she was going to order. A burger with the fixins'. I ordered the same, just no cheese and more veggies please.

"But, you mean a veggie burger right?" she, my friend, asked me.

"No. A burger burger" I replied. (As if that was good English.) "A cow burger" I added for clarification.

She looked at me, brows furrowed.

I imagined what was going through her mind.

"Johanna, health coach extradonaire, is eating meat? Wait. What? I'm so confused. I thought she only ate veggies. And green smoothies. And chia seeds. She's eating meat?"

Yes. I eat meat. Oh and newsflash, I eat sugar. Not all the time because that would make me a cranky person with a bloated stomach, rotten teeth and unhealthy skin (more the sugar than the meat!)

But I do eat meat. And I do eat sugar.

cupcakeIn fact, on Sunday I had a cupcake. A real homemade cupcake, loaded-with-sugar-and-topped-with-pink-icy-frosting. Oh, and it has sprinkles.

The world didn't come to a screeching halt. Nor did pigs fly. But I sure did get a stare or two from friends.

See, I don't do things like eat burgers, ya know, from cows. Or consume pink cupcakes often.

Truth be told, it happens v e r y infrequently, especially eating pink cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles (although I am making the rounds at lots of baby showers this month. Pink cupcakes are starting to become a staple!)

I've played around with my diet and figured out what works for me. I know what types of food to eat and when to eat so that my energy levels are high and consistent all day long. And eating sugar and lots of meat is like putting diesel into a gas powered car.

I know that when I don't drink enough water, immediately I put on my cranky pants. Watch out world!

When I don't eat enough green veggies, or just any veggies for that matter, it's exactly what my body craves. Like a moth to the flame, I find some veggies.

I don't eat a lot of meat. Okay, so I rarely do but that's just because my body doesn't crave it. And I've noticed when I do eat it, my digestion slows down. It takes a bit longer for my body to process the meat, leaving me feeling bloated and sluggish.

And sugar. Well, that's another story. Too much sugar leaves me with canker sores in my mouth. I don't let it happen, but if I had a day of too much sweetness, my mouth gets sore. My gums become sensitive. That's pretty uncomfortable and immediately reminds me to lay off the sweetness.

What it doesn't mean is no sweetness or meat ever. It just means I consume sugar in moderation.

That's how my body operates and it's taken some time to figure it out. But the point here is that I figured it out.

I know we need to be open to this concept that no one diet works for everyone. I'm killing it on kale, poached eggs, quinoa, beans and chia seeds over here. Yet, I've got friends that are rockstars with steak, eggs and asparagus.

And that's cool.

It's all about finding what works for you and then sticking with that say 90%, 80% or maybe even 70% of the time. No one, I repeat, no one can nor should eat healthy all the time.

Believe me, as the woman who barely lets a drop of sugar cross her lips, when it happens, I savor the moment. No guilt. Just pure enjoyment.

If you are on a gluten free kick, full on paleo and crossfit lover or stuck in the middle of the grocery store with no idea what kale is, here are some ways that you and I can work together. Click HERE.