Resources I use everyday, all day


ASANA >> Track your team's work and manage projects

I use ASANA every single day. It's a saved tab in my bookmarks and the page is always open. I use it for my own to do list, both for working on MY business + personal things as well as  working on client's projects. With some of my clients, their team uses it and it's incredibly helpful to stay on top of projects. You can have a to-do list a la #1,2,3 as you would in list form or you can do "boards" which is more post-it note style. All the features I are available within their free account services. 


CALENDLY >> Easy scheduling tool for meetings, calls and appointments

I use calendly to schedule calls. I've got a link to a 30 min call which I send to people whenever I'd like to get time with them. It integrates really well with my google calendar. I've edited it a bit to get the name, email and phone number with every person who books with me.  There's options for 15, 30 or 60 minute calls. I've set it up so that when someone books time with me,
it also goes on their calendar. Call instructions are in the email. This is also a free service,
although you can pay to customize it more if you so desire. 

CANVA >> Graphic Design Website


This is where I create social media images, design press kits, make flyers and images for presentations. I have a free account but there is a paid option if you'd like to have other team members on your account. Even with the free account, I can share designs with another canva user for them to view and/or make edits. 


DROPBOX >> Cloud Storage

Dropbox is where I store files in the cloud that other people/clients need to access. I use it to store contracts, client photos, media kits and some client work. I've created a folder for each of my clients and given them access. It's a great way to keep things organized and files can easily be sent as attachments. I have Dropbox business for more storage.


EVERNOTE >> An Online Notebook

I use Evernote across my computer and iPhone. It's similar to a notebook, where I jot things down. They also have an extension so I can clip things from the internet and save them. I mostly do that with recipes. But I use Evernote everyday in business.  They have a free and Premium version. 

G-SUITE >> Email, Calendar, Drive and Forms


My email and calendar are google based. They sync across my computer and iPhone. All the email address I have with my client work are also within the g-suite so I can easily switch from one to another without having to sign in and out. Along with my email, I use my calendar all the time and google-drive. The drive is another place to store documents. These tend to be files I don't need accessed by others or sent to others. And every once in awhile I use google forms to create a survey.


HELLOSIGN >> Electronic Signatures

I use HelloSign for e-signatures every single day and have set up all my clients with their own account. I can easily send contracts and agreements for signature to one or multiple people. HelloSign integrates across multiple platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote etc for super easy streamlining of my business. I pay for the PRO plan so that I'm not limited to 3 signed contracts/month.  It's absolutely worth it.


LASTPASS >> Cloud Password Manager

My brain has long since surpassed the storage space required for all my own passwords, personal and professional...let alone those of my clients. LastPass is a great online password manager. It will generate strong passwords if need be or you can have a client share a password with you, without actually telling you what it is. I have the free account.  


SLACK >> Team Messaging and Communication

Think AOL group chats made for business in the 2000's. It's an online platform to communicate with members of your team. You can create different channels to organize the conversations/dialogue happening with your team. Channels can be private and public, depending on how you want to organize. You can search within the channels, upload docs, photos etc. 


SQUARESPACE >> Website templates and design

My website is done on Squarespace. I used one of their templates and created it on my own. Squarespace is VERY user friendly and I find it to be super intuitive. I love how simple and clean the template options are. It's easy to edit, change and update whenever I desire. I can't say enough good things about Squarespace websites. They also have great, helpful, responsive customer service. 


ZOOM >> Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Screen Share and Webinars

This platform is an online meeting space. I hold weekly team meetings for different clients on zoom. I've done virtual coffees with zoom and substituted zoom in lieu of a phone call. I pay monthly for zoom so that there's no time limit to my meetings. Otherwise, any meeting with 3 or more people is limited to 40 minutes.