If you're here, you're ready to scale your business, grow, earn more money and reach more people.

Yes or yes?!

You need a plan, an audit of your business and a partner to go through the process with. Because solo entrepreneurship is fun......but oh so lonely.

Partner with Johanna for a full 1.5 day strategy session intensive. You'll get another set of eyes and ears on your business model, systems and plan.

Working together, you'll discuss how to grow your business, become more efficient and bring you clarity on what you, the CEO, need to focus on daily/weekly/monthly.

Working with Johanna you'll audit your systems and business and build a clearer path forward for you. One that is easier, reaches more people + earns you more money. 

You'll get a clear, detailed, outlined and do-able roadmap for the next 30-60 days AND a longer one to help you on your way to world domination. 

This strategy session is for you if: 

  • You want to grow your business (have a new offering, raise your prices, add more value, increase your partnerships) but don't have a plan to make that happen.
  • You want to grow your business and delegate but you're not sure exactly what to delegate and to whom.
  • Your business is successful but not sustainable (you're too stressed, you work too much and you do everything). You need a plan in place. ASAP.
  • You have a few solid ideas that have been bouncing around in your mind for awhile and it's time to birth them or put them to rest.

How you benefit from 1.5 intense days with Johanna: 

  • Learn what you need to delegate to grow your business.
  • Understand where you can automate within your business to save time and earn more money.
  • Get clarity on what your priorities and focus should be.
  • See which 1-3 new systems/platforms you can implement to move quicker in responding to hot leads, new clients and future partners.
  • Find out how you're getting in your own way, preventing growth and slowing things down.
  • Discover pockets of time you didn't realize you were wasting.
  • Gain precise understanding of how much time each client/project truly takes up on a monthly basis for better planning.
  • Realize where you can add more value + uplevel your offerings for more income.
  • Uncover what partnerships you can leverage for more work, income and community.

Here's what your 1.5 day Strategy Session will cover: 

Day 1 topics:

  • Your business big picture. 
  • Your revenue streams. How you make money. What your offerings/services are.
  • What's working in your business, what's not. What you want to do more of.
  • Who your ideal client is.
  • What's on the horizon for your business.
  • Who are your partners. Who are your possible partners.
  • Systems in place and platforms that you use for automation, efficiency and ease.
  • Client onboarding process and experience.

Day 2 topics: 

  • Observations and recommendations from Johanna about your systems, business, partnership opportunities + time management.
  • Strategy and marketing.
  • Business development opportunities.
  • 60-90 day plan sketch.
  • 12 month plan sketch.
  • Next steps.

Post session: Johanna creates a detailed report capturing all of the session insights and your next steps. Depending on the work you did together and your goals, it could include a 60-90 day plan for immediate next steps and/or a larger 9-12 month plan. 

These deliverables will be in your hands within 14 days.

$2500* for the 1.5 day intensive.

Day 1 + Day 2 includes lunch, caffeine and healthy snacks. 

* Please note it does not include travel, accommodations, breakfast or dinner. It does include lunch and snacks on both days. And yes, it does include copious pots of coffee or tea - whatever your choice of caffeine is. 

These 1.5 days must be done consecutively. Currently scheduling sessions for Summer 2017 onwards.

Johanna's ongoing support for plan implementation is not part of this 1.5 day intensive. She does work with a few select clients on an ongoing basis. That's a separate conversation from the 1.5 Day Strategy Session Intensive.


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"I hired Johanna for my strategy session because I wanted help planning with my 2017 operational planning process. My biggest takeaways from our session were clarity around major focus areas for 2017 and resources needed for current stage of growth. I also left with defined concrete milestones by month to guide my work. Johanna raised some additional strategic questions for me to wrestle with. I felt prepared for our session together and wouldn't have changed the experience." ~ Brian Gadsden, Founder and CEO of Courij.com

"I hired Johanna for my strategy session because I needed help with the sales and strategy part of my business and also prioritizing my time and tasks.  The strategy session intensive exceeded my expectations. Aside from planning how to tighten my brand and find what projects I want to work on in the future, she helped me to declutter my work day and my work flow. In two days I went from using a paper planner to a digital one. I also learned to look at myself and my business from the outside. It became easier to understand what I need to say "no" to. I wouldn't have changed anything about the experience." ~ Lorraine C. Ladish, Brand Ambassador, Author and Speaker