Laura Muller


Bienvenidos to Mexican Recipes by Laura! Here she shares her Mexican heritage through her recipes and as a mom of 2 living in Chicago. Spending time with her will teach you how to cook authentic Mexican food!

You’ll also find tips for traveling with kids, adventures around Chicago, and a lot of self-love, realization, and craziness from a mother who works full time in Radio.

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Food ingredients & Kitchen items
Bakeware, Cookware
Events/Products related to children 10 years and under

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🖱️ Laura’s Mexican Recipes : 365k UMVs
📷 Instagram : 86.1k followers
▶️ YouTube (Spanish) : 2.54M subscribers
▶️ YouTube (English) : 58.5k subscribers
📌Pinterest : 4.6M monthly views
👍 Facebook : 685k followers

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Brand Spokesperson
SMTs/RMTs – Spanish, English

Brand Experience

“We thought Laura was a great fit for our client’s targeted audiences. Especially for targeting both English and Spanish speaking audiences. We really enjoyed reviewing/seeing her delicious-looking content. Also, it was very apparent that she spent a great deal of time/effort in creating her content, which made it that much more enjoyable!”

—Diana Tina, Assistant Account Executive at 3rd Coast Public Relations, Client V&V Supremo Cheese

“The team selected Laura as an influencer for ALDI because she is a bilingual Latina who could speak to bicultural families. We also loved her involvement in the kitchen and her past work. Her previous content was authentic, engaging and looked yummy! She was a great partner. Delivered everything according to timeline and worked with us on any changes we requested. Her content in the end was quality work and left the team impressed. Would recommend Laura to any client for future projects!”

—Jazmine Herrera, Senior Associate, Media Relations at The Axis Agency

Recent Partnerships

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“Remitly chose to partner with Laura because I loved Laura’s authenticity and her connection to her audience. The audience she catered to was the target audience for Remitly. She is such an overachiever that the partnership went beyond expectations! Her impact made a case for how influencers are an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy. For the campaign, she helped us reach an audience on social channels that we haven’t reached organically before. Laura’s kindness shines through! She is a great empathetic partner.”

—Michelle Huete, Product Marketing at Remitly