Johanna B. Voss
Talent Agent

I help Influencers, brands, and agencies grow together.

My world is one of asking the right questions: about the brief, your brand’s expectations, and what’s it going to take for us to deliver creative, well-integrated content on time. I’ve made a career of continually staying ahead of the ball.

From where I sit, it’s not enough to be the person ensuring FTC disclosures and whitelist permissions go off without a hitch – I’m here to shape the talent I represent to be unwaveringly incredible to work with.

My secret? I’ve built more than just a talent roster…

I created an alliance of incredibly smart, driven women who understand what’s possible through their collective knowledge, influence, and reach.

We’re up in each other’s business – literally, and as a manager, I know “what’s up” with each of my clients on a personal level. I know that she’s been searching for a product to tame her curly locks (just like the one your brand is offering); I know her kid’s college move-in schedule and how it will conflict with a location shoot; the phrase “Client’s not being responsive” isn’t part of my vocabulary.

My finger + their personal and professional pulses = your campaigns and programs moving forward, fluidly.

I’m committed to bringing up creators and diversifying the influencer space

As the kids say: These are my receipts.

💸 Deals Closed → $4M since 2017
🤝 Partnerships → 700 and counting
👀 Recognition → 2020 Influencer Top 50
🧠 Leadership → Influencer Vault Course Creator

“No one makes this process more seamless than Johanna…”

“No one makes this process more seamless than Johanna. She makes contract negotiations so quick and easy, along with product orders, meetings, POVs on content, and every single communication a positive one. She is truly a force!”

— Jordan Weynard, Senior Associate of Influencer Marketing at 22Squared

“Our client still brings up the success we received from a campaign in October 2020! We absolutely loved working with Johanna. She was quick to reply to questions and concerns our client had and kept us all in the loop throughout the process.”

— Kristen Bowie, Digital Marketing Strategist at Ocozzio

“Johanna is one of the best influencer representatives I have worked with. She knows her clients value, makes that clear from the beginning, and makes sure the campaign is executed to exceed expectations. I look forward to working with her again soon!”

— Joshua Hicks, Director, Digital and Influencer Marketing at 4media group

Ready to Swipe Right?

My clients love working with brands that seek to connect with consumers through their needs AND their values. Brands that actively question what they think they know about consumers and the kinds of stories they want to be a part of. We’re here to make sure both sides are happy with the end result of the partnership. Are you?