Day-Long Influencer Coaching Session

Six hours. Two sessions. One giant leap toward making your living as a paid Influencer.

Start landing paid brand partnerships.

You should be proud: no one exceeds 5K followers without some level of raw talent. But no matter how engaging your content is, landing Influencer partnerships that put your endless ideas to work for more than product requires a plan. You’ll also need the laser-focused mindset of a real business owner.

Without this plan and perspective, all you have is a hobby 👉 a time consuming (expensive) hobby.

Build Your Plan. Grow Your Income.

Streamline everything from your digital presence and pitches, to your relationships, rates, negotiations, and even the way you say “no.” Learn to do it in a single day during an Influencer Coaching Session with Johanna Voss.


HOUR 1:  Your Brand Overview & Download 

HOUR 2:  Website & Social Media

HOUR 3: Media Kit Review


  • Fool-proof Instagram profile inventory 
  • Brand “eagle eye” website guide
  • Media kit must-haves checklist
  • Curated list of trusted influencer databases
  • 12 conversation starters & questions to fuel brand conversations


HOUR 4: Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation! 

HOUR 5: Engage Top Brands & Land Partnerships

HOUR 6: C.Y.A – Cover Your A$$ in Every Agreement

You’ll also receive:

  • My three-part guide to pitching brands 
  • Checklist: 14 things to look for in every influencer agreement
  • 10+ negotiation scripts (more money, fewer deliverables, shorter exclusivity)

Your investment: $2500

What I’ll bring on the big day…

When you work with me, you won’t find yourself stretching out on a couch and reflecting in the hopes of arriving at some heart-warming new insights. Influencers work with me because they’re ready to take action, and it shows: I’ve closed more than $5 million in business for my clients. They work with me because they are DONE with guesswork, Googling it, and hoping for the best. I work with them because I live for any chance to raise a rate, negotiate for more, or help an obscenely talented influencer make the headway she craves.

“Less than 24 hours after our session, I replied confidently to two brands, entered onto multiple online influencer platforms and agencies, updated my website, and started to create a calendar for my content. I just can’t say enough how much this was WORTH IT. I look at other people and think if they just sat down with Johanna for a couple hours, their potential could explode.”
Kayla Bushey
“The session with Johanna was so eye-opening. My biggest takeaway from our session together was that my years of experience are worth something. Johanna helped me to see how I could build a successful online presence and earn an income from what I have done for 24+ years. She painted a beautiful picture for my mind’s eye to behold.”
Adrienne Brown
Johanna was personable, funny, and shared the “keys to the kingdom” on how I can take my job as an influencer to the next level! I absolutely loved the parts of the agenda that focused on reviewing contracts (the devil is definitely in the details), pitching, and negotiating. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to grow professionally, and again…take their business to the next level.
Julie Harbor
“ Working with Johanna has increased my blog traffic by over 250% and elevated my influencer partnerships to upwards of 5-figures! I still pinch myself when I think about how far I’ve come in my career in just one year! I’m an authority in the influencer industry, teaching and leading the principles that have paved my way to success. But I shouldn’t be surprised— that’s Johanna’s magic.”
Shaunda Necole

The Influencer coaching is not for the faint of heart

(you’ve been warned!).

It’s for the up and coming Influencers who are ready to separate their brands from the masses, surround themselves with expertise, and level up with the mindset of a legitimate CEO.

👉 Who it’s for:

  • You’re ready to be accountable/start showing up for your business to see a true return on your time and energy investment.
  • Your business is happening; you’ve done a partnership or ten, but your bank account doesn’t reflect it. You. Want. MORE.
  • You prefer high-touch, one-on-one learning.
  • You crave frank actionable feedback.
  • You’re hungry for someone who does this day in and day out to tell YOU exactly what to do, based on your situation.
  • You’re done wasting time – you’re fiercely committed to learning, and to acting like a business owner.

Who it’s not for:

  • You want someone else to open the doors for you.
  • You haven’t hit 5K followers…yet!
  • You’re not quite sure about making this your full-time career.
  • You’ve never done a partnership before.
  • You prefer to learn in bite-sized chunks (which is 100% okay – check out my Incubator program). 
  • You don’t have # hours each month to implement what I’ll show you.
  • You’d rather glean what you can from generalized advice provided by randoms on IG stories or FB groups and hope for the best.

“I have taken A LOT of courses but nothing compared to Johanna’s one-on-one personalized session. Our session helped me realize that my work and my business is far more valuable than I had been treating it. I cannot say enough how much my session with Johanna has helped my brand. She’s worth EVERY PENNY!!

Tykesha Burton, The Wanderlust Mama

Stop leaving money on the table. Start operating strategically.

The Influencer Coaching Session is $2500

This is a formal invitation to get out of your own way. You’re done with being ghosted by brands, wondering if your media kit is a joke, and doing things for exposure, right? I bet you’re ready to navigate “awkward” money conversations with grace and panache.