Johanna, are you accepting new influencer clients?

YES! My eyes and ears are always open for the right client. One who has already established a six figure consistent stream of income with brand partnerships over the past 12+ months. Someone who has more brand partnerships than they can handle and needs help responding to all of them. Someone who has an active website with 75k+ MV’s.

How do I know if I’m really truly ready to have a manager vs wanting to have a manager?

I don’t want to waste your time or mine if we’re not the right fit for each other. You are ready for a manager if :
>> You have a consistent, steady stream of $150k+ with brand partnerships annually. Not for all your income streams, but for paid partnerships only.
>> Brands are reaching out to you with quality opportunities.
>> You do NOT expect me to pitch and find you all your partnerships. You already have more requests than you know what to do with.
>> You need to hire someone to handle brand partnerships because you’re dropping the ball, missing opportunities and it’s taking away from your content creation, creativity time
>> You don’t expect me to build your business (help to plan out content strategy, tell you want to write about).
>> You have a website where you post with regularity and have monthly traffic of 75K visits+.
If you are currently making consistent, reliable income of $150k/annually via paid brand partnerships & are looking for a manager to join your team, click the button below to schedule a call.

Once I hire you as my agent, what can I expect of you, Johanna? What do you expect of me?

You can expect me to hustle on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf, ask for more money than you would for a brand partnership and to strengthen your network by introducing you to my network.
You can expect me to always have you on my mind. You can expect me to make introductions of you, to people in my network. You can expect seemingly random ideas from me that may or may not seem to have something to do with you. 
It will all come full circle. 
I’m another set of eyes and ears for you, keeping your name and brand top of mind. 
I expect you to be engaged with me, to respond to my texts, emails and calls when I need your feedback, input or approval.
I expect you to be on your s**t. You’re organized and responsive. You are ready to show up and do work with me. You pay on time and behind the scenes you aren’t scattered, a hot mess or caught up in your drama, personal or professional. Divas, high maintenance and drama queens need not inquire.
I expect you to be able to roll with the punches, to handle a “no” or “not right now” from your favorite brand and to approach this like a marathon not a sprint. 
I expect you to be okay with risk. I will ask for more money for a partnership than you would – that’s why you hired me.
I expect you to hustle along with me. 
This is a partnership. We work in tandem to support each other, to help the other do their job and to keep the energy, opportunity and connections flowing.

How do you earn money, Johanna?

We begin our first 90 days (3 months) together with a monthly retainer of $2,500/month + 10% of any partnerships & speaking engagements I negotiate on your behalf.
Starting on month 4, it’s 20%. No retainer.
Ultimately I want you to earn money (lots of it) because that’s how I earn money (lots of it).
I’m very invested in your success. My goal is to use the 90 days to strengthen your runway (which will involve a bit of re-organization behind the scenes, updating your media kit, talking about your past brand partnerships, strategizing).

Why do you have a retainer for the first 3 months?

The 3 month retainer exists to cover my time spent with you. I’m actively reaching out to my network connections & contacts on your behalf. I’m circling back with your connections to introduce myself & sending out an updated media kit. You and I are connecting to strategize about brand pitches & what relationships to leverage.

Can you guarantee me that you’ll land me brand ambassadorships/ partnerships?

I have zero control over who hires you, when they want you and for how much. 
What I can guarantee you  is that I will follow up on every lead and promote you to the best of my ability. 
As my dad says, the only two things guaranteed in life are death and taxes.