Lorraine C. Ladish


Lorraine is a 21st Century Communicator, helping empower women and others to achieve their goals. She’s the founder and CEO of VivaFifty!, a bilingual community that celebrates women in their midlife.

Through her bilingual (English & Spanish) online community and brand partnerships, she teaches women around the world to reinvent themselves when necessary, to survive, to overcome adversity and to enjoy each moment.

Her Reach & Audience

Categories →

Health / Wellness / Anti-Aging
Beauty / Makeup / Skincare

Platforms →

🖱️ Viva Fifty Website : 100k UMVs
📷 Instagram: 43k followers
🐦 Twitter : 70.5 followers
▶️ YouTube: 6.98k subscribers
📌Pinterest: 1.2M monthly views
👍 Facebook: 97k followers

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Projects →

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Brand Spokesperson

Brand Experience

“Lorraine is the definition of a brand partner. She works with brands she believes in and fully immerses herself in that brand’s mission and vision. She offers valid insights and works diligently to deliver top-quality work. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with her over the years and appreciate her authenticity so much.”

—Jessica Peraza, Allison+Partners

“Lorraine’s content across her channels comes across as authentic and positive. She, mirroring this, was pleasant to work with and created content that worked both for the client’s campaign goals as well as her audience, maintaining an organic feel to her posts. Over the course of several months she partnered with us on a multi-faceted campaign that drew awareness to the client’s product and met their goals for engagement.”

— Sarah Fenaughty Account Executive @ rbb Communications 

“We chose Lorraine for our client Celltrient because we love her positive outlook on aging and the bilingual community she created that celebrates being over 50. Her content is inspirational and feels authentic vs staged. We love how Lorraine truly incorporates what’s going on in her life into her content. She helped drive awareness of Celltrient and shared her journey using the products.”

—Shruti Shah, Senior Account Supervisor at Lippe Taylor

“We were looking for active women who appreciate a healthy lifestyle, but also love a good indulgence, which is why we selected Lorraine for this project. Lorraine just seems like such a real woman. She has a lifestyle that other women can emulate and look up to without being unattainable. Lorraine’s content was always delivered on time and was always high quality. She did a great job for our Fiber One program.

—Katie Stoller, Influencer Marketing Strategist

“We loved Lorraine’s natural, active and fun-loving approach to life and thought she was a great candidate for someone celebrating a full lifestyle while embracing life’s changes. She was the perfect candidate for Age Perfect collection – designed for women who want to look their best no matter their age but also maintaining an authentic approach to beauty. She produced professional and appropriate content in a timely manner while maintaining her true voice and personality that resonates best with her audience.”

– Eva Narum Account Executive, Allison Brod Marketing + Communications

Recent Partnerships

Interested in partnering with Lorraine?

 Lorraine is a first-rate professional. I partnered with her, on behalf of my client Med-IQ, in 2020 for two different campaigns. In one effort, she took a leadership position to co-host a Facebook Live session with a doctor on the COVID-19 pandemic. For each of the campaigns, Lorraine went above and beyond what was expected. She willingly shared additional content on her feeds to help make the campaign successful, she worked very hard to be extremely prepared for the Facebook Live session and supplemented the session with additional social media promo videos to help drive up interest and engagement around the session. Further, she is one of the few influencers who proactively provides links to analytics and engagement metrics specific to a client campaign, which is the real value currency of a social media campaign from a client perspective. I would partner with her again anytime the right project comes along that I believe she would be interested in and would be a good fit for her channels and my client campaign. She is delightful and professional!

–Monica Sakala, Founder of SOMA Strategies