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Author, podcast host, and digital innovator Shaunda Necole is the go-to recipe creator for modern soul food cuisine. As the founder of The Soul Food Pot, the #1 Southern soul food site on Google, Shaunda takes iconic African American recipes and reimagines them via modern kitchen appliances, often shortening the time to prepare beloved traditional dishes. Inspired by her commitment to making life easier and more soulful. Shaunda has shared more than 250 recipes across her food blog, five cookbooks, and two seasoning guides, including codifying the “Black Folks Sweet Potato Pie,” an adapted family recipe that went viral in 2021. Her podcast, The Soul Food Pod, is Apple’s first show dedicated to the history and culture around soul food.

After spending two decades exploring the desert metropolis of Las Vegas, this soul-inspired blogger is also Las Vegas’ newest spokesperson as the writer behind 100 Things To Do in Las Vegas Before You Die, the ultimate insider’s guide to Sin City (publishing Spring 2025). Shaunda Necole is the creator of the travel site Vegas Right Now, dedicated to exploring “The Real Las Vegas” from a local’s perspective, and host of the Vegas Right Now! podcast. For Shaunda, the lasting beauty of Las Vegas lies in its balance between novelty and flash, soulfulness and wholesomeness. As a Vegas longtimer and resident, she’s plugged into the showmanship of the iconic casinos, as well as the surrounding natural wonders and wellness spots that tourists rarely get to know. 

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🖱️ Vegas Right now : 32k MVs
🖱️ The Soul Food Pot Website : 830k MVs
🖱️ Shaunda Necole : 31K MVs
📷 Instagram : 113k followers
▶️ YouTube : 10.6k followers
📌Pinterest (Shaunda Necole): 4M monthly views

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Brand Experience

“Shaunda is “one of THOSE” amazing partners who continuously goes above and beyond to provide more content that will work well with her platform and that will coordinate well the campaign goals. Shaunda kept the priority products top of mind while developing beautiful recipes and fun content incorporating her whole family that her audience was able to engage with.

Shaunda provided multiple types of recipes for review for content and included all deliverables ahead of schedule. Shaunda also went above and beyond to interact with her audience in regards to the products and was able to prove as a natural integration for THD programs.

Truly, thank you for a wonderful partnership and I hope to work together again.”

— Jordan Weynard, The Home Depot Influencer Program Manager

“Shaunda has gorgeous skin, an engaged audience and a unique voice. Her captions are also well crafted and educational. We thought she’d be an ideal fit for a skincare routine which needs to be beautiful and educational. Shaunda’s captions and content are top quality and we thought she could speak to the features and benefits of the product in a really beautiful way – which she did! She also is a thorough collaborator – a pro at educating through her captions, which we appreciated because it’s important to apply skincare correctly. Shaunda has consistently been an ideal partner. She’s thorough and truly makes herself an expert on the product she is working with and her photos are top quality. Shaunda and her manager (Johanna) are wonderfully transparent and communicative and always meet deadlines. They run a very buttoned up operation which makes partnership a dream. Would love to work with you both again soon”

— Cait Gallagher Murphy, Sr. Manager of Influencer Marketing, Bazaar Voice

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