5 Characteristics of a Good Influencer

What are the 5 characteristics of a good influencer? What really, truly makes a good influencer? People want to know.

In the dynamic, very competitive world of social media and digital marketing, how do Influencers truly stand out and set themselves apart from the rest?

5 characteristics of a good influencer
5 characteristics of a Good Influencer by Johanna Voss

In this article I cover the five essential traits that set good influencers apart from the rest. I highlight the attributes that enable them to create meaningful connections with their audience, deliver impactful content, and foster genuine brand loyalty.

Understanding what the 5 characteristics are that define a good influencer can help brands and marketers make informed decisions when selecting partners for their campaigns. These characterisitcs also help good Influencers build their engaged, loyal following.

The 5 characteristics of a good influencer are : 

Being authentic on social media

A good influencer is authentic and doesn’t try to be someone that they aren’t. They don’t lie nor do they don’t promote products they don’t like. Their audience can see right thru that.

As Kilby Blades said, “The thing was, I could smell bullshit from miles away,” and so can most folks you’re trying to target. More on Authentic Partnerships with an Influencer here.

Being trustworthy Influencers

In order for the relationship between a content creator and their target audience to work, there has to be trust. Trust from the audience that the content creator is being honest, real, and not BS’ing them. Nobody likes a liar. 

It takes time for an Influencer, and a brand, to build that trust with their following. Actions very much speak louder than words and you know your audience is paying close attention….to everything.

Staying professional on social media

Influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and online marketing budgets are only going up. Any influencer who doesn’t take their business seriously is doing a disservice to it.

A good influencer treats this work like any other job or work they are responsible for.  They turn in content on time. They show up to brand calls and follow the brief to a “T”.

Staying professional means you’re not bad mouthing the brand and agency you worked with nor your talent manager.

High quality content production

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of noise in this space. Every day there’s a wide range of new influencers on all the social media platforms.

In order to rise above, you need to be someone your target audience wants to pay attention to. To catch the attention of a brand, a good influencer has to have fantastic content. It should be creative, original, fun, and catchy!

There is zero excuse why your content shouldn’t be absolutely top shelf level of quality. You have tools, apps and so many free resources to figure it out.

Ensure transparency in Influencer Marketing

The best influencers are the ones who are transparent with their audience. They tell them the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. These influencers are brave and vulnerable.

Good Influencers are honest and upfront with their following about different partnerships. They are clear when they are paid as a brand partner on a project or hotel stay. Again, this all comes down to being REAL (see points 1 & 2). 

Yvette Marquez paid partnership transparency
You can see my client, Yvette Marquez’s multiple paid partnership disclosures on her IG post

Identifying the five key characteristics that make a good influencer—authenticity, being trustworthy, staying professional, high-quality content production, and ensuring transparency—provides a roadmap for both brands and influencers aiming to thrive in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

By focusing on these 5 characteristics, influencers can enhance their impact and brands can forge successful collaborations that drive meaningful results.

Whether you’re looking to harness the power of influencer marketing or striving to become a standout influencer yourself, these characteristics are essential for achieving sustained success.

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