How do I get brands to collab with me?

“How do I get brands to collab with me?” – In the thriving landscape of influencer marketing, establishing collaborations with brands is a pivotal step for influencers seeking to expand their reach and credibility. But what sets influencers apart and attracts brands to collaborate?

In this step by step guide, “How do I get brands to collab with me?”, we unravel actionable strategies and proven techniques for influencers aiming to capture the attention of brands and cultivate meaningful partnerships.

How do I get brands to collab with me?
How do I get brands to collab with me?

Brand Collaboration Guide

There’s no real secret sauce in unlocking the magic behind getting a brand to collab with you. Honestly, sometimes it is magic and being in the right place at the right time, which is why it’s important to follow up and be pleasantly persistent. 

Your platform

If your audience is the audience and eyeballs they want to get in front of, that’s a huge bonus for you. You stand out among the crowd. Sometimes you may never know how or where your caught their eye!

    High quality engaging content

    High quality means that your photos are top notch. Nothing blurry or just weird. The images are sharp and clear. Engaging means that it’s captivating and people keep coming back to your platforms.

    Audience size and demographic

    You have an audience size & demographic that they’re looking for. Not all brands are looking for partners with loads and loads of followers. Some brands want to partner with profiles that have under 10k following while others want to partner with one celebrity for a Super Bowl commercial and there goes their whole annual budget. 

    Your audience demographics about male/female + age split must align with what they want. Sometimes even your location or the location of your followers also matters to the brand.

    Successful Entrepreneur qualities

    You’re doing “this” aka content creation as a business. You take it seriously and consistently and regularly create content. You’re committed to the idea of being a professional and it shows.

    You’re persistent and patient. Growing your business as an influencer is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the faint hearted! You have to have amazing amounts of patience and resilience.

    As an entrepreneur and content creator, you have to be okay with hearing no over and over again, while also being ghosted all too often by brands.  You must be committed and married to doing this for a long time before it will be successful.

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