How do I reach out to a brand for a collab?

In the bustling world of influencer marketing, establishing meaningful collaborations with brands is a key avenue for influencers to expand their reach, credibility, and revenue streams. However, navigating the process of reaching out to brands can be a daunting task, requiring a strategic approach and effective communication skills. In this comprehensive guide, “How do I reach out to a brand for a collab,” we explore actionable tips and best practices for influencers seeking to initiate successful partnerships with brands.

How do I reach out to a brand for a collab
How do I reach out to a brand for a collab

From crafting personalized pitches to showcasing value and professionalism in outreach, join us as we uncover the essential steps to effectively connect with brands and forge mutually beneficial collaborations in the competitive landscape of influencer marketing

When it comes to pitching brands for a collaboration, your email pitch serves as the first impression — the make-or-break moment that can open doors to exciting partnerships. Here are three essential tips to keep in mind when crafting your email pitch:

  1. Personalization is Key

Tailor each email to the specific brand you’re reaching out to. Mention something unique about the brand that resonates with you or share a personal experience. Personalization demonstrates your genuine interest and increases the likelihood of grabbing the brand’s attention. Show your connection to the brand right away. 

  • I’ve been using your product since I was 10
  • My grandma always used your lotion and she influenced all of the women in my family to prioritize our skin care so now I use your lotion.
  • My kid eats your XYZ product every day for breakfast
  • My wife and I just bought a new car and we bought this car brand because of XYZ reasons.
  1. Clearly Articulate Value:

In a concise and engaging manner, communicate the value you bring to the brand. Highlight your audience demographics, engagement rates, and any unique strengths or skills you possess. Brands want to know what sets you apart and how collaborating with you will benefit them.

Truthfully, I think this is the HARDEST part for anyone who hasn’t quite yet gotten their brand off the ground or done a lot of influencer brand collaborations yet. You have to give your brand, which is so personal, a long, hard look at what value you provide. Who and how do you serve? 

What this doesn’t mean is : I take pretty pictures or I’m a great dancer or I have 67389 followers. 

What this does mean is : I teach working parents how to put a healthy dinner on the table in under 15 minutes. Or, I build out 3 day trip itineraries showcasing great destinations, amazing restaurants and quirky off the beaten track speakeasies for girlfriend getaways that are affordable and accessible.

Pro tip : Ask someone else how they see your brand. NOT YOU, but your brand, what your online platform is. 

If you’re struggling to figure this out, know that you’re not alone. As I said, I do truly think this is the hardest transition for people to make who want to become influencers. The transition from seeing your platforms and online content as something fun and personal to seeing it as a business, a company. 

  1. Be Clear on Collaboration Details:

Clearly outline the collaboration details in your pitch. Specify the type of content you’re proposing, the platforms you’ll leverage, and any key deliverables. Transparency about your expectations and what the brand can expect from the collaboration helps build trust. Link to your platforms and media kit. Show examples, when you can, of past brand collaborations. 

How do you ask a brand to collaborate with you?

  1. Research. Do your homework
  2. Understand their current needs. Is it sales? Is it brand awareness? Is it good PR?
  3. Find the right person to contact via email.
  4. Ask if they are open to your pitch
  5. Be polite, clear and concise on why the collaboration in a win for everyone.
  6. Follow up

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How do you write a message to a brand for a collaboration?

Subject: Collaboration Proposal from [Your Instagram Handle]

Hi [Brand’s Name] Team,

I hope this message finds you well! I’m [Your Name], the creator behind [Your Instagram Handle], and I’ve been an avid admirer of [Brand’s Name] for [mention personal connection].

I believe our collaboration could be a fantastic opportunity. With [number of followers] on [your primary platform] who are [mention key demographics or interests], I have successfully [mention any relevant achievements or past collaborations].

Here’s a brief idea for our collaboration:

[Provide a concise overview of your collaboration idea, emphasizing how it aligns with the brand’s values and resonates with your audience.]

I’d love to discuss this further and explore how we can create content that authentically represents [Brand’s Name]. Could we arrange a quick call or exchange emails to discuss this opportunity in more detail?

Looking forward to the possibility of working together!


[Your Full Name]
[Your Instagram Handle]
[Your Contact Information]

Sample email pitch 

Subject: Collaboration Proposal: Elevating [Brand’s Name] with [Your Instagram Handle]

Dear [Brand’s Name] Team,

Happy Monday!  My name is [Your Name], and I am the creator behind the [Your brand] platform. I’ve been an enthusiastic follower of [Brand’s Name] and have consistently admired your commitment to [mention a specific aspect of the brand, e.g., innovation, sustainability]. **Give a personal note here.

I am reaching out to express my interest in a potential collaboration with XYZ brand because XYZ reasons.  I have cultivated a community that shares a deep appreciation for [mention relevant interests or themes].

Here’s a glimpse of what I bring to the table:

Engaged Audience: [Highlight any remarkable metrics about your audience engagement.]
Visual Aesthetics: [Briefly describe your aesthetic style.]
Past Collaborations: [If applicable, mention successful collaborations with other brands.]

I have a creative collaboration idea that I believe aligns seamlessly with [Brand’s Name]’s vision and values. [Provide a concise overview of your collaboration idea, emphasizing its uniqueness and how it benefits the brand.]

I know that you are inundated with requests for collaborations so I appreciate you reading mine. I’d love a chance to discuss it further and am open for a conversation. If nothing else, please keep me in mind for any future upcoming campaigns. 

Thank you for considering [Your Instagram Handle] for a collaboration. I am eager to contribute to the success of [Brand’s Name].

Best Regards,

[Your Full Name]
[Your Instagram Handle]
[Your Contact Information]

These sample pitches balance personalization, clarity, and a clear call to action, providing a solid template for your outreach emails.