Top 13 Latina food bloggers to follow

Are you ready to spice up your feed and tantalize your taste buds? Look no further, because we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of Latina food bloggers who are taking the culinary world by storm. These flavor aficionados know how to whip up a plateful of mouthwatering magic while infusing their recipes with a pinch of sass and a dash of cultural pride. This is a list of the best Latina food bloggers to follow.

So whether you’re craving some sizzling street tacos or dreaming of diving into a gooey tres leches cake, these talented Latinas have got you covered. Get ready to salivate as we introduce you to the fiercest foodies with their blogs and Instagram that will leave you saying “¡Que rico!”

Top 13 Latina Food blogs to follow

Famous Latina food bloggers to follow

In the vibrant tapestry of culinary creativity, Latina food bloggers are emerging as influential tastemakers, infusing the gastronomic world with their unique perspectives and diverse flavors. All you have to do is google birria tacos or arroz con frijoles and you’ll have, at your fingertips, so many beautiful, delicious takes on these Latin American food dishes. 

The rise of Latina food bloggers is not just a culinary trend; it’s a cultural movement that is reshaping the way we experience and appreciate food. According to recent statistics, the influence of Latina food bloggers has witnessed a remarkable surge. Between 2010 and 2020, the country’s Hispanic population grew 23%, up from 50.5 million in 2010. Coupled with Hispanics being avid users of technology and representing 20% of adults on Tiktok, the steady growth of Latina Influencers, specifically in the food space has been unparalleled. And lucky us because the food that I’ve been introduced to across Instagram, Tiktok and blogs, well it’s a wonder I’m able to find time to leave the kitchen and write this article!

One of the things I love most about exploring Latin American food is not only learning about the different countries and people’s roots. But I love how each dish celebrates the rich and varied Latin America cuisines, offering a lens into the personal stories and cultural roots that make each dish a tantalizing journey. 

Food brings people together. This we know. From Arepas to empanadas, from arroz to papusas, from tacos to tamales, from ceviche to Feijoda,  there is NO shortage of delicious easy to make Latin American food to try, explore and eat. One of the things I love most about Latin American cuisine is how varied it is across the continents of North to South America and every country in between. 

I’ve had the opportunity to travel frequently throughout Latin America (Take me back!) and to explore  each country’s most popular, well known dish is a journey in to itself. I love how varied the same dish can be even within one country. Y’all know how big Mexico is right?

As a talent manager for a couple well known Latina Food bloggers, here’s my Influencer Talent Manager roster, all too often, I see the trolling comments of people on the internet who make very wide declarations about how a dish or recipe, “should” be. And it really gets me fired up if the commentator didn’t even make the dish or of that region. 

I don’t know if that truly matters. But what I do know as a white woman,  I would never even fathom of telling a Cuban food blogger that her grandmother’s recipe that she shared is wrong and never made that way. Personally, I’m the opposite – tell me all about your grandmother’s recipe including all the reasons she added a dash of this and a pinch of that.

What I think is such a beautiful thing about having all this food culture online is many Latina food bloggers I know were inspired to start their blogs to capture recipes, to ensure they weren’t lost from generation to generation. All too often recipes are passed orally, and could be lost across the years. It’s so beautiful to read the stories and inspiration behind each recipe. My client Yvette of Muy Bueno, she often has readers express their gratitude for the recipes she shares, as it invokes many precious memories in the kitchen with family. 

Engagement rates are the heartbeat of Latina food bloggers’ digital presence, pulsating with a vitality that transcends the realm of traditional culinary influence. When you read thru comments on Instagram or Tiktok, it’s evident how their recipes are resonating. Memories are flooding back of times spent in the kitchen with people’s abuela, tia or mama. The recipes and comments are truly heartwarming. 

The culinary creatives I’m showcasing below have not merely amassed followers but have cultivated a thriving community that actively participates, discusses, and passionately embraces their culinary journey. Those conversations happen on social media, on their websites, in their newsletters, Substack and Patreon communities. Make sure you’re not just following your favorite Latina food bloggers on just one platform – you could be missing out!

Comment sections brim with anecdotes, questions, and expressions of gratitude. Followers aren’t passive observers; they are active participants in a shared culinary adventure. The comments become a home base where discussions about ingredient substitutions, personal twists on recipes, and shared memories related to the featured dishes unfold. 

This level of engagement is a testament to the bloggers’ ability to foster a sense of community, turning their social media pages into virtual gathering spaces where food enthusiasts, regardless of their cultural background, come together.

In this way, the global reach of Latina food bloggers underscores the power of food as a universal language, connecting people worldwide through a shared love for the diverse and delicious flavors of Latin American cuisine.

Food truly makes the world smaller and allows us to journey to all corners of the globe, all from the comfort of our kitchens. 

The influence of Latina food bloggers extends far beyond borders, resonating with a global audience eager to savor the diverse and vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine. Through the lens of social media posts, particularly Instagram and YouTube, these latina food blogs are culinary trailblazers, cultivating a widespread following, attracting food enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

From the savory spices of Mexican street tacos to the aromatic richness of Brazilian feijoada, these bloggers curate a virtual feast that captivates international palates.

What makes their global reach even more compelling is the accessibility of ingredients and the adaptability of recipes to various culinary contexts. Latina food bloggers often provide alternative options for ingredients, making it feasible for followers in diverse locations to recreate the essence of Latin American dishes with locally available produce. This adaptability fosters a sense of inclusivity, allowing a global audience to engage with the family recipes authentically.

Each year there are more and more traditional Latin American ingredients available in mainstream markets such as Krogers, Albertson and Sprouts. If you live in a place that doesn’t have speciality markets available, there’s always the internet, making that exact spice you need, just a 2 day Amazon Prime Delivery away.

The diversity of content presented by Latina food bloggers goes beyond the confines of traditional culinary exploration, creating a multifaceted experience that resonates with a broad and dynamic audience.

These influencers curate a rich tapestry of delicious recipes, each a culinary journey infused with the unique flavors, traditions, and cultural nuances of Latin American cuisine. 

From the fiery spices of Mexican street food to the delicate aromas of Caribbean delicacies, Latina food bloggers showcase the vast array of dishes that define their heritage.

This diverse content not only caters to a wide range of taste preferences but also fosters inclusivity, inviting individuals from all backgrounds to explore and appreciate the richness of Latin American culinary traditions. 

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a culinary novice (like me!), the varied and approachable content offered by Latina food bloggers ensures there’s something for everyone.

Let’s discover the vibrant world of Latin American flavors through the diverse and enticing content curated by these Latina food blogs, and embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the richness of cultural diversity.

I’m ready to get cooking. Are you?

For transparency’s sake, I chose these Latina food blogs for a few reasons. 

  1. I know most of them personally & have followed their rise and growth in the industry.
  2. I wanted to showcase a variety of cuisines. Yes, the list is heavy on Mexicans. Who did I overlook that you LOVE?
  3. I wanted to shine a light on some amazing Latina food blogs that have been overlooked in other round ups. 
  4. These women are active on both social platforms and their blogs. 

Must follow top Latina Foodies

Meet Tessa of Handle the Heat

Follow Handle the Heat on her Blog | Follow Handle the Heat  on Instagram | Follow Handle the Heat on Tiktok

Meet Tessa, the woman behind Handle the Heat. Tessa helps people who crave a more delicious life. She shows them how to bring more sweetness to their lives and impress their friends and family with the best homemade recipes. All while sprinkling in her favorite tips, tricks, and a little baking science to all but guarantee your success in the kitchen. She loves dissecting recipes to show you exactly how they work. If you’re looking for cake mix and Cool Whip recipes you’ve come to the wrong place. She’s got a culinary degree, over six years of food writing experience, and a cookbook.

Top Latina Food blog Handle the Heat
Top Latina Food blog – Handle the Heat

Fan favorite recipe : Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Meet Marta of Deliciously Marta

Follow Deliciously Marta on her blog | Follow Deliciously Marta on Instagram | Follow Deliciously Marta on Tiktok

Meet Marta, the woman behind Deliciously Marta. She’s a recipe developer, food enthusiast, dog mom, hiking junkie and founder of Deliciously Marta. She started blogging merely as fun to share recipes to the world and a way to learn more about her heritage, since she’s adopted. But, now it has been an integral part of her life and grown into her full-time business.

Latina Food Blog Deliciously Marta
Top Latina Food Blog – Deliciously Marta

Fan favorite recipe :  Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Meet Vanessa of My Dominican Kitchen

Follow My Dominican Kitchen on her blog | Follow My Dominican Kitchen on Instagram | Follow My Dominican Kitchen on Tiktok

Meet Vanessa, the woman behind My Dominican Kitchen. Her interest in food began as a child visiting the Farmer’s Market with her mom, and watching her grandmother and aunts cook delicious traditional Dominican meals. But it wasn’t until adulthood that she earned how to cook, while pregnant with her first child, living in New York City and missing her family’s home cooking. She started this blog as a way to preserve her family’s recipes and share with the world the flavors of la comida criolla. Here you’ll find authentic traditional Dominican recipes and some tasty Latin-inspired dishes influenced by her home away from home, New York City.

Top Latina Food blog My Dominican Kitchen
Top Latina Food blog – My Dominican Kitchen

Fan favorite recipe :  Tostones (Fried Green Plantains)

Puerto Rican Food Bloggers

Meet Marta of Sense and Edibility

Follow Sense and Edibility on her blog | Follow Sense and Edibility on InstagramFollow Sense and Edibility on Tiktok

Meet Marta, the hilarious woman behind Sense and Edibility. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention just how damn funny this woman is!). Marta created Sense and Edibility® with the mission to make your favorite recipes more accessible through education, easy-to-follow recipes, and engaging photographs- you know, so you don’t feel like you’re screwing anything up. Her motto is: “I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about cooking, baking, and cocktail-making (because cocktails are life).”

Top Latina Food Blog - Sense and Edibility
Top Latina Food Blog – Sense and Edibility

Fan favorite recipe :  Authentic Coquito

Meet Reina of The Sofrito Project

Follow the Sofrito Project on her blog | Follow the Sofrito Project on Instagram | Follow The Sofrito Project on Tiktok

Meet Reina the woman behind The Sofrito Project. As a Puerto Rican raised in the South, Reina explores both her multiracial background and cultures through food and writing. With over 10 years of restaurant and industry experience, attending culinary school was the next step in her professional journey. And in 2017, Reina started The Sofrito Project to share and document her love of cooking with friends and family online.

Bridging the cultures of her Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and Southern upbringing allows for creativity in the kitchen with her flavorful and delicious recipes, digital cookbooks, and newly-launched spice blends.

Fan favorite recipe : Sofrito

Best Mexican Food Instagram Accounts

Meet Yvette of Muy Bueno

Follow Muy Bueno on her Blog | Follow Muy Bueno on Instagram | Follow Muy Bueno on Tiktok

At Muy Bueno, Yvette invites you to savor the essence of Mexican cuisine through a delectable blend of Easy Mexican recipes and Healthy Mexican recipes. With each dish, she shares a piece of her cultural heritage and childhood memories, encapsulated in these cherished family Mexican recipes passed down through generations. Alongside these timeless classics, Yvette introduces a twist of modernity with her Latin-fusion creations, making her blog a culinary destination where tradition meets innovation in the most delicious way possible. Join her as she weaves her culinary tales and serves up authentic Mexican flavors straight from her heart to your kitchen.

Top Latina Food Blog - Muy Bueno
Top Latina Food Blog – Muy Bueno

Fan Favorite recipe : Easy slow cooker Birria de Res

Meet Laura of Las Recetas de Laura

Follow Las Recetas de Laura on her Blog | Follow Las Recetas de Laura on InstagramFollow Las Recetas de Laura on Tiktok

Meet Laura of Las Recetas de Laura. Laura, a proud Mexican mom of 2 residing in Chicago, is your guide to the rich tapestry of Mexican traditions and authentic Mexican food. Through her culinary journey, she invites you to discover the flavorful world of Mexican Food and Traditional recipes, all while prioritizing healthy food choices.

Laura’s expertise extends to crafting Mexican recipes tailored for individuals with specific dietary needs, including those with diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension. Her dedication to promoting healthy living while preserving the essence of authentic Mexican cuisine shines through in every dish she creates.

Top Latina food blog - Las recetas de Laura
Top Latina food blog – Las recetas de Laura

Fan favorite recipe :  Hot chocolate

Meet Isabel of Isabel Eats

Follow Isabel Eats on her Blog | Follow Isabel Eats on Instagram | Follow Isabel Eats on Tiktok

Meet Isabel of Isabel Eats. She started Isabel Eats in 2015 as a way to document her family’s recipes and connect to her Mexican heritage. Today, she strives for Isabel Eats to be a resource for others looking to learn more about Mexican cuisine and culture through food and recipes. She hopes her little corner of the internet brings you joy, inspiration, and a deeper love of Mexican flavors. ¡Buen provecho!

Top Latina Food blog - Isabel Eats
Top Latina Food blog – Isabel Eats

Fan favorite recipe : Salmon tacos

Follow Ericka of Nibbles and Feasts

Follow Nibbles and  Feasts on her blog | Follow Nibbles n Feasts on Instagram | Follow Nibbles and Feasts on Tiktok

Meet Ericka of Nibbles and Feasts. She was born in Torreón Coahuila, Mexico and immigrated with her family to El Paso, Texas at 8 years old. She now lives in Los Angeles. Nibbles and Feasts launched in 2010 and revolves around her  life as a bicultural Latina living in Los Angeles. It began as a way to catalog recipes and cherished memories in the kitchen with her grandmother and mother in Mexico. Now, her recipe development leads her to reconnect with her Mexican roots by developing her own twist on the traditional. 

Top Latina Food blog – Nibbles and Feasts

Fan favorite recipe : Enjococadas

Vegan Mexican Food Bloggers

Meet Ale of Ale Cooks

Follow Ale Cooks on her Blog | Follow Piloncilloyvainilla  on Instagram | Follow Ale Cooks on Tiktok

Meet Ale of Ale Cooks. She’s the creative mind behind the award-winning blog Piloncillo&Vainilla, which is in Spanish, and AleCooks, which is in English. She’s originally from Mexico, but has been living in the United States with her  family for over a decade now.  When our first child, Santiago, was born with food allergies, it changed how she approached cooking. She shifted towards clean, organic, and 100% plant-based food. For the last 12 years, she’s been committed to perfecting her skills in this area. 

Top Latina food blog - Ale Cooks
Top Latina food blog – Ale Cooks

Fan favorite recipe : The best vegan rajas con crema

Meet Dora of Dora’s Table

Follow Doras Table on her blog | Follow Doras Table on Instagram | Follow Doras Table on Tiktok

Meet Dora of Dora’s Table. Dora is the chef, recipe developer, and photographer at and Mi Mero Mole. Born and raised in Mexico and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, she adopted a vegan diet to take control of her health. She is passionate about teaching others the benefit of a plant-based lifestyle and is the author of Vegan Tamales Unwrapped: a step-by-step guide to sweet and savory tamales.

Top Latina food blog - Dora's Table
Top Latina food blog – Dora’s Table

Fan favorite recipe : Sopa de Fideo

Meet Nancy of Mexican Made Meatless

Follow Mexican Made Meatless on her blog | Follow Mexican Made Meatless on Instagram

Meet Nancy of Mexican Made Meatless. Nancy shares vegan Mexican recipes and vegetarian Mexican recipes. She loves transforming authentic traditional Mexican dishes into modern delicious meatless recipes. If you’ve been looking or a vegan Mexican food blog, or a vegetarian Mexican food blog, then look no further!

Top Latina Food blog - Mexican made meatless
Top Latina Food blog – Mexican made meatless

Fan favorite recipe : Easy Bionicos (Mexican Fruit Bowls)

Meet Alexa of Alexa Fueled Naturally

Follow Alexa Fueled Naturally on her blog | Follow Alexa Fueled Naturally on Instagram | Follow Alexa Fueled Naturally on Tiktok

Meet Alexa of Alexa Fueled Naturally. From a very young age she  was very fascinated by cooking. She  loved watching the food network and was always in awe of how her grandmothers, tias and mom moved around so effortlessly in the kitchen. Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle and eat a plant based diet gave her the inspiration to do what she always dreamt of doing, and that was to become a great home cook. 

Fan favorite recipe :  Baked Vegan Cheesecake

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