Do you need an Influencer Manager or Agent?

The question of “do you need an Influencer Manager or Agent” is a common dilemma among burgeoning influencers and established personalities alike. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, weighing the benefits and considerations can help make an informed decision.

For some influencers, especially those just starting, the services of a VA may suffice. A VA can provide invaluable support in organizing schedules, and maintaining consistency in content creation. They offer a level of organization and structure that can be beneficial for influencers juggling multiple platforms and partnerships.

However, as influencers grow their following and expand their reach, the need for an Influencer Talent Agent may become apparent. Agents specialize in brokering deals and maximizing earning potential. Their industry insights and negotiation skills can lead to higher-paying brand partnerships and exclusive opportunities that may not be accessible otherwise.

Moreover, agents often have access to a network of brands and agencies, opening doors to collaborations that can elevate an influencer’s career to new heights.

Do you need an Influencer Manager or Agent Johanna Voss
Do you need an Influencer Manager or Agent?

Ultimately, the decision to hire an Influencer Manager or Agent depends on several factors, including the influencer’s goals, workload, and level of experience. Those who prioritize organization and time management while seeking to monetize their platform and secure lucrative partnerships may find an Influencer Talent Agent’s expertise invaluable.

It’s worth noting that hiring an Influencer Manager or Influencer Agent is an investment in one’s career. While there are costs associated with hiring an Influencer Talent Manager, the potential return on investment in terms of increased brand partnerships, revenue streams, and career opportunities can be significant.

Here’s a list of factors to consider when deciding whether to hire an Influencer Talent Manager or Agent:

  1. Current Workload: Assess your current workload and determine if you have the capacity to handle day-to-day tasks like scheduling, correspondence, and campaign management on your own.
  1. Content Creation Focus: Consider whether you want to focus primarily on content creation or if you’re comfortable taking on additional responsibilities such as brand negotiations and partnership management.
  1. Monetization Goals: Evaluate your monetization goals and determine if you need assistance in securing brand partnerships, negotiating contracts, and maximizing revenue streams.
  1. Industry Experience: Reflect on your level of experience in the influencer marketing industry and consider whether you could benefit from the insights and connections that an Influencer Manager or Agent brings to the table.
  1. Network: Assess your current network of contacts within the industry and determine if you have access to the same level of opportunities that an Influencer Manager or Agent might provide.
  1. Long-Term Vision: Consider your long-term career goals and assess whether hiring an influencer talent manager or agent aligns with your vision for growth and success in the industry.
  1. Financial Investment: Evaluate the costs associated with hiring an Influencer Manager or Agent and determine if the potential benefits outweigh the financial investment.
  1. Personal Preference: Consider your personal preferences and working style, and determine whether you would benefit from having a dedicated professional to handle certain aspects of your career.
  1. Brand Alignment: Assess the importance of brand alignment and determine if you need assistance in finding and securing partnerships with brands that align with your values and audience.
  1. Time Management: Evaluate your time management skills and determine if you would benefit from having someone to help streamline processes, handle administrative tasks, and free up more time for creative pursuits.

As you begin to consider if you’re the right candidate for an influencer talent agent, you must already be making money – some amount of money from paid brand collabs. 

Us managers earn money a couple different ways but it’s all tied into our talent, you, the content creator, the influencer, making money. If our compensation isn’t tied to brand deals (news flash :  100% of the time it is), then you’re paying out of your own pocket for some service from a talent manager. 

If you’re not making money, then neither are we. And that, my friends, makes us cranky. 

Whether you need an Influencer Manager or Agent depends on your individual circumstances and goals. Assessing your needs, considering your long-term aspirations, and weighing the benefits against the costs can help determine the best path forward in navigating the competitive landscape of influencer marketing.

Do all Influencers need an agent?

No, majority of Influencers do not need an agent. They aren’t at the level of business yet to justify one.

Do all Influencers have a Manager?

Nope. Not all Influencers are ready for a manager or even want a manager. It’s both a personal preference and whether your business is ready for an Influencer Manager. I wrote this article Do all Influencers have a Manager if you want to read more.

Do you need an Agent to be an Influencer?

Absolutely not. An agent or manger doesn’t make you an Influencer. YOU make yourself an influencer with your expertise in a certain arena, your content creation and how you establish and grow your digital brand.

How much should an Influencer pay a Manager?

There’s a couple different ways an Influencer Manager gets paid. Industry standard is for Managers to take 10-20% of the paid brand deals that they negotiate for the Influencer.  Some influencers also pay a monthly retainer to their Manager for different services.