How do you ask for brand deals

In the dynamic realm of influencer marketing, a significant shift is underway as more influencers take charge of their own destiny by managing brand deals independently. This evolving trend reflects a desire for autonomy and a keen understanding of the influencer’s unique value in the digital landscape.  What’s exciting for me about this, even as a talent manager, is it means the Industry is growing and improving. It means that more and more brands are turning to digital marketing to expand their reach & improve their bottom line. 

Today, influencers are not merely content creators but entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of securing lucrative brand collaborations. Believe me when I tell you, launching a successful Influencer business is no easier than launching any other entrepreneurial endeavor!

This paradigm shift emphasizes the importance of professional and a savvy understanding of what it takes  to amplify your earnings through paid collaborations. As we embark on this journey, this comprehensive guide is crafted to empower you as an influencer, shedding light on strategic approaches, negotiation tactics, and professional next steps that will pave the way to success in securing sought-after brand deals. You ready?

How do you ask for brand deals
How do you ask for brand deals

How do I find my Influencer niche?

Are we here to talk about how do you ask for more for brand deals? Absolutely! But before we get deeper into that topic, we need to chat about a few things, to ensure we’re aligned on what certain terms etc mean. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse and leave you confused when I talk about  niches, negotiation, brand values etc. 

In order for you to pitch and present yourself to brands as an awesome brand partner for a collaboration (which we’ll talk about in just a moment), you need to have a strong, clearly identified brand and niche. Yes you! You’re a brand.  Ta-da!

What this means for you as an influencer is that you can clearly articulate who and how you serve. 

Let me repeat. 

Your influencer niche (your lane online) is identified as :

  • Who do you serve?
  • How do you serve?
How do I find my influencer niche
How do I find my influencer niche

Tell me exactly the value you provide to your audience aka your community aka the people who like, comment and engage with your content.  Why do they keep coming back to your instagram, tiktok, youtube and blog posts? Is it because you showcase great deals at big box stores? Is it because you show them how to cook a healthy dinner in under 30 minutes and for less than $25? Is it because you share secret, affordable luxury destinations? 

Before you do anything more to worry about how do you ask for brand deals, you absolutely have to get this, your niche and what your brand is all about, dialed in. No brand, nor any influencer marketing agency, will look twice at you if the value you provide isn’t 100% crystal clear. 

I can’t drive home this point enough! Up and coming influencers reach out to me all the time to inquire about working with an influencer manager. The first thing I do is go to their socials and look to see if their niche AND the value they provide is clear.  

Spoiler alert : it’s usually not.

When I tell you that once you figure this out, it gives you a leg up on thousands of others, I’m not kidding. Most people don’t treat their social media platforms as a business. Therefore they put all sorts of content on their tiktok and Instagram. 

Just because you traveled to a new city last week and put up a photo or reel of it, does NOT make you a travel influencer. Just because you took a picture of your latest meal, does NOT make you a food influencer. 

The way you outline your niche is done via a couple ways. Your social media bio for starters and then your content. Your about page on your website should outline it along with any newsletters or other content you create. 

Below are a couple examples for you to see what I’m referencing. These women have descriptive IG bios. You land on their profiles and know what they are about & what you’re going to get from them.

How to figure out your influencer niche

Not sure what your niche may be? Here are some prompts to help you get started. 

  • What can you soapbox about for days and days on end? 
  • What do your friends and family always ask your advice on?
  • What are all the things you’re interested in? 
  • From the list above, what do you enjoy sharing about with others? 
  • When you dream, what can you see yourself doing?
  • You’ve got a day off, what do you do for fun?

Who is my intended audience?

Once you’ve figured out your niche, next is to figure out who your audience is. Who are the people that consume your content on social media? What’s interesting to note here is your intended audience might not be who you *think* it is or should be. AND it might be different across different platforms.

I’ve got one creator on my roster, Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno and her audience demographics are quite different from Instagram to her blog readers to her newsletter readers to her Facebook community!

To figure out who your current audience is you can do a couple of things. First you can look at insights (audience demographic) info on your social media platforms. That’s super helpful as it will tell you gender, age and geographic breakdown. I’d also recommend you look at the profiles of the people who actively comment and engage with your content. It’s less scientific but it will be helpful to read profiles  to school the feed of people who comment on your posts.

Look at who they follow as well and who you have in common for social media interests. There’s so much data at your fingertips. It’s all incredibly helpful as you figure out your intended audience. Don’t overlook it! Also, don’t assume you know who your audience will be. 

Knowing your intended audience is incredibly helpful because they will tell you what content and value they’re looking for. Don’t overlook doing a survey, either with the IG stories feature or make one on google forms and then share it with them on socials. You can always incentivize them with a Starbucks gift card or something to do it. 

You want to know what your audience googles on the regular, how they spend their money, what things they constantly talk about with friends and what are they thinking about when they can’t sleep. 

Any and all insight will help you create the exact content they’re looking for. Doing this will establish you as an expert, bringing them back to your social media platforms and blog, day in and day out. This is your community. 

Ultimately this is why brands will want to partner with you, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

Pro tip : Check in with your audience regularly to make sure you know just who they are. They may change over time OR if you change over time with life events such as moving, getting married, starting a family etc. 

Once you’ve figured out your influencer niche and intended audience, be consistent and constant in your content. Visually give yourself 3 colors to work with and pick 1-2 fonts that you’ll always use across the social media platforms and your blog. I also recommend setting up a couple canva templates you can use for your content. You don’t have to have a logo and all that but it is absolutely worth branding yourself with some consistent colors, fonts and templates. 

Building a strong online presence  

Optimizing your social media profiles (now that you have them!) for maximum visibility is the first crucial step towards landing brand collabs. Craft a captivating and cohesive bio that succinctly introduces your niche, passions, and personality. Utilize keywords relevant to your content to enhance discoverability in search results. 

Ensure that your profile pictures and banners are not only visually appealing but also reflective of your brand identity. Consistency is key in maintaining a strong online presence. Regularly update your feed with content that showcases your expertise and style. Whether it’s thought-provoking captions, aesthetically pleasing visuals, or engaging storytelling, each post should contribute to a cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience.

Diversifying content formats is equally essential to captivate a broader audience. Incorporate videos, photos, and stories into your content strategy to cater to different preferences. Experiment with live sessions, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to add depth to your narrative. Utilize interactive features like polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions to encourage audience engagement. 

Don’t overthink it and don’t overlook repurposing what you share on one platform, in one format elsewhere. Ie reels can become Tiktoks can also be Youtube shorts. 

Embrace authenticity and transparency in your content, allowing your audience to connect with the genuine persona behind the screen. Make sure to show your face! By optimizing your social media profiles and diversifying content formats, you not only enhance your visibility but also create a compelling and dynamic online presence that attracts and retains a diverse and engaged audience.

People may come for your content or witty captions, but they will stay for YOU! Show that gorgeous face. 

What makes a strong online presence, and why is it essential for securing brand deals?

A strong online presence is essential for securing brand deals because the brands need to ensure a return on their investment into you. 

If you have 2478 followers and let’s assume  a 10% engagement rate (the math is easy) that means only 247 are liking + commenting on your content.  The brands want to get in front of as many new eyeballs and potential customers as possible, so your larger, more engaged audience is essential for that. 

A strong online presence is made up of :

  • An engaged community
  • Consistent cadence of content 
  • High quality professional content (photos and videos) 
  • Highly ranked content and brand 
what makes a strong online presence
What makes a strong online presence

What is an Influencer media kit?

By now, you’ve probably heard the words media kit and wondering what it is. Truthfully, as I write this article, they aren’t used as much as they were when I first started in this industry years ago. I still think everyone should have one handy in case a brand should ever ask for one. 

I have all my clients media kits linked up on their talent bio pages on my website. You can see my full roster for my johanna b voss Influencer Talent Management Agency here. Click on each person to see their bio and get their media kit.

An effective media kit is something that can set you apart from other influencers. Thisl tool serves as a curated digital portfolio, offering brands an insightful glimpse into your influencer identity. Key components of an impactful media kit include showcasing key metrics, demographics, engagement rates and past brand collabs. 

Demographics offer brands valuable insights into the characteristics of your followers, aiding in targeted collaborations. Sometimes a brand has a geographic campaign requirement due to the brand’s location. The brand may want you to live in that area or have followers that do.  

Include data on age groups, locations, and interests to illustrate the alignment between your audience and the brand’s target market. Moreover, emphasize past successful collaborations or testimonials to establish credibility. It’s also great to include testimonials and positive DMs about past collabs. 

Equally significant is the accessibility and visual appeal of your media kit. Craft a clean, visually appealing layout that aligns with your personal brand aesthetics. Use those same 3 colors!  Ensure that all relevant information is presented in an organized and easily digestible format.  Ensure your first and last name and contact information are correct!

Make the media kit easily accessible on your social media profiles or personal website, allowing brands to swiftly and seamlessly access the information they need. By presenting a media kit that combines rich data with an attractive and accessible design, independent influencers can effectively communicate their value proposition to potential brand partners, maximizing their chances of securing coveted collaborations.

Your media kit shouldn’t be more than 2 pages long, nor should it include rates.  I’ve written a longer article for you if you want to read more, “What is an Influencer media kit?”. It should be a PDF and include links to projects and platforms for real time data.

What information should be included in my influencer media kit?

  • Essential Components of Your Influencer Media Kit:
    • High-quality profile pictures
    • Bio showcasing your niche and expertise
    • Metrics (followers, engagement rates)
    • Demographics of your audience
    • Testimonials or past collaboration highlights
What does a media kit usually include
What does a media kit usually include

How to contact potential sponsors and get brand deals

To navigate the dynamic world of influencer marketing successfully, influencers must master the art of strategic brand research and personalized outreach. Leveraging online tools and platforms is crucial in identifying potential brand partners. Utilize influencer marketing platforms, social media analytics tools, and brand collaboration databases to pinpoint brands that align with your niche and values.  

PRO TIP : Never underestimate the power of the google AND asking around in your network to figure out emails and contact information for people working on campaigns. 

Customizing your approach for each brand is equally important. Tailor your communication to reflect a deep understanding of the brand’s ethos, ensuring that your pitch is a seamless fit within their marketing narrative. If a brand is very family friendly, don’t come in hot like a drunk Andy Cohen on NYE!

Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of networking and industry events for brand outreach. Attend virtual and in-person events to connect with brand representatives, fostering relationships that extend beyond the digital realm. Strategic research and personalized approaches lay the foundation for meaningful collaborations, increasing the likelihood of securing brand deals that resonate with your audience. Brands like to know you’ve done your research! 

What do you say to get a brand deal

A compelling pitch is the linchpin in securing brand deals, and for influencers, mastering this art is paramount. The anatomy of a successful pitch begins with understanding the brand’s goals and values. Research the brand thoroughly, understanding their mission, target audience, and marketing objectives. Look at their past campaigns, comment and engage on them!  

Your pitch should make sense. What I mean is, it should be you. How you reach out should align with what they would see if they want to your socials. It’s gotta be personal with a clear understanding of their brand and why this would be a great match. 

Emphasizing your unique selling points and differentiators is equally crucial. Showcase what sets you apart from other influencers – whether it’s your storytelling prowess, engagement rates, or a distinctive aesthetic. 

Remember, no matter what you think, you are NOT their #1 fan. Guaranteed. You (and 948309480 other influencers) are the most perfect partner. Am I being sarcastic? Yes. I’m reminding you that your pitch will land in their inbox along with 12, 45 or over 100…..for that day. 

Highlighting why you not only strengthens your pitch but also communicates the exclusive value you bring to the collaboration. A successful pitch not only captures the brand’s attention but also lays the groundwork for a partnership that is not only profitable but also authentically resonant with your influencer identity.

For me, I value the success of a pitch on whether I get a follow up email or call. You are NOT going to get a collaboration from one email to the brand. It takes time and you have to play the long game. 

Trust me when I say that no agency is sitting around with a pot of money and no ideas on what to do, just waiting for your email. Their budgets & campaigns are set months in advance. 

Key elements to include in your Influencer pitch:

  • Personalized introduction to the brand
  • Alignment of your values with the brand’s
  • Clear description of your target audience
  • Your contact info and location
  • Call-to-action for next steps
4 elements to include influencer brand pitch
4 elements to include influencer brand pitch

How do you ask for brand deals examples

I know how powerful it is to see some examples of what a pitch could look like. Please do not copy or pass this off as your own. Always make sure to personalize it to your brand for every single pitch you send out. 

Pro tip : Send out 2-4 pitches and then stop. I always find edits and improvements once I’ve sent a couple after staring at a draft for so long. Sleep on it before you do your next round. 

Quick and Very Funny Pitch:

Subject: Let’s Make Your Brand Go Viral (No, Not Like That Coughing Cat)

Hey [Brand Name] team!

I hope this message finds you caffeinated and ready for some wild ideas. I’m [Your Name], the maestro behind [Your Handle], and I’m on a mission to make your brand the talk of the internet town. Think of me as the Gandalf of influencers – with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of quirkiness.

Your brand and my sense of humor are like peanut butter and jelly – a perfect match because XYZ.  I’ve got this crazy idea that involves [product/service], a rubber chicken, and maybe a dance-off. Trust me; it’s going to be epic and have people saying, “Did you see that [Brand Name] collaboration?!”

Here’s a link to one or two of my platforms so you can get a feel for me. Example 1 example 2.

I know your inbox is probably as crowded as Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but I promise this collaboration will be the highlight of your marketing journey. Let’s create some buzz, laughs, and maybe a meme or two. What do you say?

Let me know who on your team I need to connect with to talk thru my wild idea. I really want to see more people buying your XYZ product because XYZ.

[Your Name]

More Professional and to the Point Pitch:

Subject: Strategic Collaboration Proposal – Elevating [Brand Name]’s Digital Presence

Dear [Brand Name] Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am [Your Name], the creator behind [Your Handle], with a strong audience following in (your niche that aligns with their target audience). After loving your most recent XYZ campaign,  I am impressed with [specific aspect of the brand, e.g., commitment to sustainability or innovative product design] & had to reach out.

Your latest 3 campaigns have been about XYZ which tells me you want to get in front of XYZ audience. That is exactly my community and I’ve been talking about your brand for years (link to examples). 

I know you have upcoming campaigns that you’re working on and I’d love to be considered. Who do I need to speak with to share my media kit and ideas?

Thank you for considering me and I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Longer Pitch Including More Information:

Subject: Crafting an Authentic Narrative – Collaboration Proposal with [Your Handle]

Dear [Brand Name] Team,

I trust this message finds you amidst a thriving day. My name is [Your Name], the creative force behind [Your Handle], where I curate content centered around [your niche or specific theme]. As an avid follower of [Brand Name], I’ve long admired your commitment to [specific brand values, e.g., sustainability, innovation]. [Link examples where you have organically posted about them.] 

After extensive research and analysis, I’ve conceptualized a collaboration that harmoniously integrates my creative approach with [Brand Name]’s unique identity. From my perspective, the synergy between my audience and your brand presents a valuable opportunity to achieve [collaboration objectives, e.g., increased brand awareness, product promotion].

Here’s a peek at some of my past successful collaborations & ideas: 

  • [link to content]
  • [Loose overview of idea and why]

Please find my media kit and links to all my platforms for your review. I know you receive a lot of partner requests and I appreciate you reading mine. Let me know who the best person is to continue the conversation. 

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

What are some common reasons brands might reject collaboration proposals, and how can I address them?

Truthfully, I don’t have much success with pitching a full proposal. I’m much better and more inclined to do what I call planting seeds and then watering them. For me that means, staying in touch with my network. Remaining top of mind as often as possible. 

As brands have planned out campaigns and budgets months in advance, I find it hard to pitch collaborations without knowing what their brand and campaign goals are. Which we don’t know because we’re not brand side. 

Don’t let that stop you from pitching. Just know that my approach is more high level and general vs something super duper specific. 

What are Influencer marketing platforms?

In the fast-paced world of influencer marketing, you can significantly amplify your brand collaboration efforts by strategically joining influencer marketing platforms. These platforms act as digital marketplaces, connecting influencers with a plethora of potential brand partners. 

Independently navigating these platforms unlocks several benefits, such as direct access to collaboration opportunities, enhanced visibility within brand networks, and the flexibility to choose partnerships that align with your niche.  They’re a great way to grow your portfolio and build up your expertise. 

By optimizing your profile on these platforms, you can increase your visibility among brands actively seeking influencers, making it easier for them to discover and connect with you. 

Navigating these platforms effectively involves a keen understanding of the search and filtering features, allowing you to identify collaborations that resonate with your brand identity. As an influencer, these platforms empower you to take charge of your collaborations, tailoring each partnership to align seamlessly with your unique style and audience.

Are there specific influencer marketing platforms I should be using, and how do I optimize my profile on them?

I highly recommend you google “influencer marketing platforms” because honestly, it’s a constantly changing industry. As of writing this, Tagger, Aspire IQ and CreatorIQ are ones that come up often. But they often are bought out by their competitors so make sure to check!

Make sure you have a profile on each of those platforms (and others that you discover). Make sure your profiles are all linked up and check often as they do tend to get disconnected. Update your rates. Look often to see what collaboration opportunities are available to you. 

How to negotiate with a brand

Understanding your value as an influencer is foundational to negotiating terms and compensation that reflect your worth. Craft a fair and competitive pricing strategy that considers your audience reach, engagement rates, and the unique value you bring to collaborations. 

Negotiating terms, deliverables, and exclusivity provides you with the autonomy to set clear expectations and boundaries for your collaborations. This negotiation process requires a delicate balance – ensuring you receive equitable compensation while fostering a mutually beneficial partnership with the brand. 

You have the freedom to customize collaboration terms based on your preferences, be it the type of content produced, posting schedule, or the level of exclusivity granted. The brand may not always agree but you can always try!  Being flexible in your negotiation enables you to build stronger, more transparent relationships with brands, contributing to the long-term success of your influencer journey.

I’ve written A LOT about negotiating with a brand. Here’s an article I recommend for more help, “How to negotiate with a brand”.

4 steps to negotiate with brands
4 ways to negotiate with brands

What are the best negotiation strategies for influencer-brand collaborations?

Silence is the best negotiation strategy! After that I’d say being flexible, engaging and curious. By curious I mean, ask lots of questions to ensure you fully understand the project and all the expectations of it. Timing, budget, SOW, usage, exclusivity to name a few. 

I wrote this article, 5 Tips for negotiating better as an influencer to help you out with becoming a better negotiator.

If you’re looking to know what NOT to do when negotiating with a brand, I wrote this article “4 negotiation mistakes to avoid with brands.

What are the key elements of a successful collaboration, and how can I execute it professionally?

The key elements of a successful collaboration are : 

  • Being responsive to brand outreach (within reason. You don’t have to reply on a Friday night or over the weekend)
  • Following the brief 
  • Asking questions when you aren’t sure
  • Asking for examples of past partnerships to understand what the brand is looking for. 
  • Turning in the content you were contracted for, on time 
  • No typos
  • Producing high quality content
  • Following instructions
What makes for a successful influencer brand collaboration
What makes for a successful influencer brand collaboration

Executing collaborations professionally is a hallmark of a successful influencer. Establishing clear communication channels with brands from the outset is crucial for a smooth collaboration process. Clearly articulate expectations, timelines, and deliverables, ensuring alignment on both sides. This is where your key negotiation skills come into play!

Delivering content on time and exceeding brand expectations requires meticulous planning and a commitment to quality. In order to do this, you have to take each collaboration seriously, ideally have people to help you and have a streamline process to create the content.  By consistently surpassing brand expectations, you solidify your reputation as a reliable and professional collaborator. 

Authentically promoting collaborations to your audience is the final touch. Craft genuine narratives around the brand, integrating their products seamlessly into your content. This authenticity not only enhances audience trust but also positions you as a credible influencer. As an influencer, mastering the art of professional collaboration is key to not only securing more opportunities but building lasting relationships with brands and your audience alike.

We can all smell a campaign ad from a mile away, especially when we can tell it’s not an authentic collaboration! Try not to be that influencer when possible. Keep it in your voice and authentic to you.

In the world of influencer marketing, building strong, enduring relationships with brands is not just a goal; it’s the foundation for all of us in this industry –  influencers & talent managers alike.  

Seeking repeat collaborations goes beyond securing a one-time deal – it’s about establishing a partnership that evolves and deepens over time. Fostering brand loyalty involves consistently delivering exceptional content, meeting deadlines, and demonstrating unwavering commitment to the brand’s vision. 

You can  achieve this by actively seeking feedback, adapting to brand preferences, and proactively suggesting new collaboration ideas that align with evolving marketing goals. Effective communication is pivotal in this process, ensuring transparency, clarity, and a shared understanding of expectations. By consistently showcasing dedication and value, influencers can position themselves as reliable, long-term partners, fostering relationships that extend beyond individual campaigns. And again, never underestimate the power of staying in touch and following up. 

What metrics and analytics should I track to measure the success of my brand collaborations?

I would recommend you track reach, impressions, saves and shares of any Instagram content. For Tiktok, track the same information (or what’s available to you on the app. It’s often changing so make sure to know what’s the latest). 

I recommend using a tool to track all the metrics for you. It’s called Influence Kit and it’s a dynamic report that updates every 24 hours, capturing all the metrics that you’d want to know. InfluenceKit makes it easy for Influencers to track, organize and analyze their influencer campaigns.

I also recommend you keep a folder of relevant and positive DMs and comments about the campaign to share with the brand. 

As an  influencer, the ability to measure the success of collaborations through analytics is a powerful tool in demonstrating your impact to both brands and your audience. Utilize analytics tools to track engagement metrics, audience growth, and conversion rates associated with your collaboration content. 

Effectively communicating these insights to potential brand partners enhances your credibility and illustrates the tangible value you bring to collaborations. Leveraging successful collaborations to attract more lucrative opportunities involves creating a portfolio of success stories. 

Showcase the positive outcomes, whether it’s increased brand awareness, enhanced product visibility, or boosted sales. By highlighting these achievements, you position yourself as a valuable asset to potential collaborators, making your pitch even more compelling and increasing the likelihood of securing future lucrative opportunities.

metrics to track for a successful influencer brand collaboration
Metrics to track for a successful influencer brand collaboration

What challenges might I face when asking for brand deals, and how can I overcome them?

Influencers often face a myriad of challenges in the competitive landscape, making resilience a crucial trait. Addressing common challenges requires a proactive approach – whether it’s navigating algorithm changes, dealing with negative feedback, or managing the pressure of consistent content creation. Honestly, I think comparisonitis is the biggest challenge to an Influencer.

Comparison is the thief of joy
Comparison is the thief of joy

Strategies for overcoming rejection involve learning from each experience, refining your pitch, and maintaining a positive mindset. Persistence in the industry requires a continuous commitment to improvement, staying updated on trends, and adapting to the evolving influencer landscape. This is NOT an industry in which you can sit still, think you know it all and can rest on your laurels. Nope! 

How do I persist in the industry despite facing rejection or challenges in securing brand deals?

Keep your eye on the prize. Like everything in life, being a successful influencer, good at any job or wanting to reach a certain milestone, you’ve got to learn to be resilient, persistent and consistent

The internet will sure keep you humble, honest and on your toes!

Celebrating small wins is a vital aspect of staying resilient. Whether it’s reaching a follower milestone, receiving positive feedback, or securing a collaboration, these victories are stepping stones to long-term success. By acknowledging and embracing the journey, influencers can cultivate resilience, ensuring they not only endure challenges but thrive in the dynamic world of influencer marketing. Find your people that you can do this with! They will be worth their weight in gold. 

In the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing, the journey of influencers seeking to secure more paid brand deals is both exhilarating and challenging. As we conclude this comprehensive guide, the emphasis lies in empowering influencers to take charge of their narrative, forge meaningful connections with brands, and navigate the intricate path of collaborations independently. 

Armed with insights on niche identification, online presence optimization, effective pitching, platform utilization, negotiation prowess, and professional collaboration execution, influencers are equipped to not only secure brand deals but to establish enduring relationships. The ability to analyze performance, showcase success, and overcome challenges defines the resilience that characterizes influencers in this ever-evolving space.

By celebrating victories, both big and small, you can persist in the face of setbacks and position yourselves for long-term success. As the digital sphere continues to evolve, this guide serves as a compass, guiding influencers towards a future where their authenticity, creativity, and strategic approach not only secure brand collaborations but propel them to the forefront of the influencer marketing landscape.

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How do you ask for brand deals FAQs
How do you ask for brand deals FAQs

How do you ask for brand deals FAQs

How do I identify the right brands to collaborate with as an influencer?

I would make a list of the top 50 brands you’d want to work with. Follow them all on social media and start engaging with their content. Research who else tags them in content to learn if they do influencer marketing or not. If yes, slide into their DMs and ask if they have any upcoming influencer campaigns on the horizon. Mention you’d like to be considered and who do you need to speak with about that. Use a shorter version of the pitch examples above so they have some info on you. Make your pitch about them not you! And remember, the “right brands” are different for each influencer. 

How can I increase my follower count and engagement to attract brands?

You can increase your follower count by consistently creating high quality, valuable content. Give the people what they are asking for! No seriously, answer all the questions your community has about what you do / your content. Comment back to everyone who engages on your posts. Like their comments. Share other people’s content. Don’t be self centered. Be patient. 

How can I nurture long-term relationships with brands for ongoing collaborations?

Stay in touch. Sounds simple but most people overlook keeping in touch. Connect with your contacts on Linkedin. Pay attention to what they post about.  Reach out every quarter to check in and say hi. It’s a great way to be top of mind and learn what upcoming campaigns they are working on. 

How can I showcase the success of my past collaborations to attract more opportunities?

Honestly, stay the course. Work begets work. Write a thank you note to your agency contact. If it’s a big influencer marketing agency, ask who their other clients are. Share your work across all the platforms, including linkedin. Leverage that project by sharing it with others to let them know how great a brand partner you are. Don’t just think one and done. Be smart about using one brand partnership as a springboard for another one.  Connect with the agency rep on linkedin. Go thru their network. Introduce yourself. Follow everyone else on the brand campaign and share their content. Be a great brand ambassador who goes above and beyond.  Update your website. Update your media kit to showcase this most recent project. 

What are the most effective strategies for celebrating and leveraging small wins in the influencer space?

Find your people and love them hard! Post about your wins, press hits and accolades on social such as instagram stories, in your feed, doing a brand recap, on Tiktok and on Linkedin.  Make a habit of it.