Which of the following is a good way to approach partnering with an Influencer?

When it comes to partnering with influencers, taking the right approach is crucial to the success of the collaboration. There are many different ways to make a great first impression and connect with an Influencer. But which of the following is a good way to approach partnering with an Influencer?  

3 effective strategies on approaching partnering with an Influencer.

1. Engage with the Influencer’s content

Take the time to engage with their content on social media platforms. Engaging with influencer content can help you build rapport and establish a connection before initiating formal partnership discussions. Influencers LOVE when brands they post about engage with their content! 

PRO TIP : Look for influencers who have a genuine connection with their audience and whose values and interests resonate with your brand’s message. Read through their comments!

2. Personalize your Influencer outreach

Personalize your communication to show that you’ve done your research and understand their brand and audience. Include their name and something about them to show you’ve been paying attention. Create personalized messages that highlight why you believe they would be a good fit for your brand and what you love about their content. You want to create authentic partnerships with an Influencer.

3. Make them an offer

Give them a way to partner and engage with you.

  • It could be an affiliate opportunity to share your products in exchange for commission on the sales.
  • Maybe you offer then a paid partnership to post content on their site.
  • Perhaps the offer is to UGC content. UGC (User Generated Content)is content a brand uses but doesn’t go on the Influencer’s socials.
  • You could offer a discount code for their followers to use on a purchase of their products
  • Offer to send them something from your company in exchange for a post on their social media channels.
  • Invite them to an event or an experience!

Maintain Open Communication:

Throughout the partnership, maintain open and transparent communication with influencers to address any questions, concerns, or feedback promptly. Be responsive.

How do you approach an Influencer for a partnership?

You have a couple different ways you can approach Influencers for a partnerships.

  1. Engage in their content to get on their radar. This way they know you’re watching and paying attention.
  2. Just as Influencers do to brands, you can slide into their DMs.
  3. Email is always a good option.
  4. Reach out directly to their manager if they have one.

How do you engage with Influencers?

Engage with them on their social media. Like their content. Share it on your brand feed and make sure to tag them so they can repost. Comment on it and engage with other people commenting, when appropriate.

Why is partnering with Influencers good?

  1. It expands the brand’s reach and audience
  2. Establishes more credibilty & authority in the space
  3. Influencers can help make sales and spread your messaging
  4. Partnering with Influencers can also help a brand build their social media following.