What is the role of an Influencer Talent Manager?

What is the role of an influencer talent manager?” you might ask In the bustling world of social media and digital marketing, the role of an influencer talent manager stands as a linchpin, orchestrating the success of both influencers and brands alike. 

Beyond mere representation, these behind-the-scenes professionals serve as strategic partners, guiding influencers through the complex terrain of being content creators, doing brand collaborations, and helping with career development. 

What is the role of an influencer talent manager Johanna Voss?
What is the role of an influencer talent manager?

The influencer talent manager plays a multifaceted role in shaping the trajectory and maximizing the potential of their clients in the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing.  At its core, an influencer agent’s role is to act as the intermediary between influencers and brands or businesses. We take on the following key responsibilities:

Negotiating Partnerships: Influencer agents are skilled negotiators who secure lucrative collaborations and partnerships for their clients. We do our best to ensure that the SOW (scope of work ie all the deliverables such as the IG reel, Tiktok etc), pay and terms are favorable and align with our  influencer’s brand image and values.

If we do anything at all, it’s this! Negotiate the best combination of pay and scope of work (SOW) for our clients. If you’re not quite ready or willing to hire an influencer agent, that’s okay. As I love negotiating so much I wrote longer articles about how to negotiate with a brand and 4 negotiation mistakes to avoid with a brand.

Contract Management: We handle the intricate and overwhelming world of contracts, ensuring that legalities are met, and both parties fulfill their obligations.  Contracts are an Influencer’s BFF. It’s like homebase – a place to come back to, to  know exactly what you’re responsible for and what the brand expects from you, while you know exactly how the brand will use your content or not. If you’re ever not sure about something in your collaboration, refer back to the agreement. 

Brand Alignment: We assist in identifying and securing partnerships that align with the influencer’s niche, ensuring that collaborations resonate with the audience and maintain authenticity.

There’s actually a lot of things Influencer agents do. I wrote this longer article called “What does an influencer manager do”.

Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire, when Cuba Gooding Jr is saying his family motto of “Show me the money”? He asks Tom Cruise to repeat it back to him, louder and with conviction? Tom Cruise is Cuba Gooding Jr’s agent. And Cuba Gooding Jr, wants him, his agent, to SHOW HIM THE MONEY i.e. negotiate a great contract for him. If you remember, there was a LOT of yelling! 

Another example of an agent, more real time and without a cellphone from the 90’s,  is Rich Paul, agent to NBA superstar, Lebron James. Every time you see Lebron James’ face on Nike, Beats by Dre or MacDonalds to name a few brands, Rich Paul was behind that negotiation.

Everything that Rich Paul and Cuba Gooding Jr, do for their clients, that’s what us influencer agents do for our clients. It’s what I, Johanna Voss, try to emulate for my clients with my Influencer talent management agency. 

What does an Influencer Talent Agent do?

We negotiate, read contracts, learn about trends in the industry and keep strong relationships with people in our network. Learn more about What does an Influencer Talent Agent. We do so many things!

What is the role of an Influencer Talent Manager?

An influencer talent manager plays a crucial role in helping influencers navigate their careers, manage their brand partnerships, and maximize their earning potential

How do Influencer Managers get paid?

Influencer Managers get paid mostly by a commission structure, although some managers get paid monthly with a retainer model. We get paid when we close paid brand collaboration deals for our clients. Still curious? Read this article How do Influencer Managers get paid.

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