How do I find a company to partner with an Influencer?

Finding the right company to partner with an influencer can be a strategic process that requires careful consideration and research. Perhaps you’re an Influencer wondering, how do I find a company to partner with an Influencer? You want to get it right and find brands that would make for authentic, engaging Influencer partnerships.

How do I find a company to partner with an Influencer?
How do I find a company to partner with an Influencer?
  1. Identify companies that align with your brand values, audience demographics, and niche interests. You want to ensure it’s a genuine, authentic Influencer partnership.
  2. Follow brands that you admire or whose products/services align with your niche, and engage with their content to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm.
  3. Join influencer marketing platforms such as Captiv8, LTK, and #Paid or Influencer Marketing networks and groups. These are where brands and influencers connect to explore partnership opportunities, pitch ideas, and showcase portfolios and expertise.
  4. Network and build relationships with industry contacts can also lead to valuable partnership opportunities.
  5. Attend industry events, conferences, trade shows, and networking meetups to connect with brand representatives, marketers, and other influencers. Establishing genuine connections and fostering relationships with key stakeholders can open doors to potential collaboration opportunities and partnerships.
  6. Make it personal when reaching out to potential partner companies. Share a clear explanation of why you’re a great brand collaboration partner for them. Demonstrate how you can benefit their brand and help them achieve their marketing objectives.
  7. Highlight your unique value proposition (what makes your brand so special and unique?), audience demographics, engagement metrics, and past collaboration successes to showcase your credibility and influence.

Ultimately, finding the right company to partner with an influencer requires a strategic approach, thorough research, and effective communication. 

How do I get an influencer partnership?

  1. One of the best things to do is reach out directly to brands. Get after those brand collabs that you want! You can slide into their DMs and ask who is the person + their email working on Influencer Partnerships. 
  2. Tag them in your content. I like to think of it as flirting with brands!
  3. Engage in their content, especially other Influencer’s sponsored content with them. Like, comment and share it to your audience.
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How do I find brands to work with Influencers?

  1. Look on social media and see brands that are already doing paid collaborations.
  2. Ask your fellow Influencers who they’re working with.
  3. Get yourself onto Influencer platforms such as Captiv8, LTK, and #Paid to learn about more opportunities.
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How do you get companies to collab with you?

  1. Identify your list of brands that you want to work with.
  2. Get yourself into Influencer platforms such as Captiv8, LTK, and #Paid to learn about casting calls for brand collaboration opportunities
  3. Research on social media to see what brands are currently doing collaborations. This teaches you who is doing Influencer Marketing, as not all brands are.
  4. Reach out directly to brands that you want to work with.
  5. Update your brand to ensure it is obvious the value you bring to your audience of followers. How can you catch a brand’s eye with your content?
  6. Make sure you are regularly posting (3-4x/week), high quality, engaging, value added content.
  7. Follow up, follow up, follow up. You must be persistent, polite and consistent.

How do Influencers get connected with brands?

  1. Influencers get connected with brands by tagging the brand’s organically in the Influencer’s content.
  2. Influencers also get connected by attending industry events such as Creator Economy Live and the Influencer Marketing Show to name a couple.
  3. Influencers can also get connected to brands when they work with an Influencer Talent Manager.

How do you ask a company to work with you as an Influencer?

  1. When you reach out to your desired brand collaboration partner, be specific about why you want to partner with them. Show the value you bring to the table and what your audience is all about.
  2. Showcase your past brand sponsored work and why those projects were successful.
  3. Tell them why your audience would be receptive to the partnership.
  4. Ask them when they are sourcing talent for their next Influencer campaign.
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